Virtual Arthroscopy from MRI Data


Shoulder 1 : Start in joint space, move into humeral head to obtain survey view of socket.

Shoulder 2 : Start with survey view of socket, fly through socket and turn around to view humeral head.

Shoulder 3 : Fly around Hill Sachs lesion on humeral head.

Shoulder 4 : Start with survey view of socket, zoom in to inspect Superior Labrum Anterior-Posterior (SLAP) lesion.


Elbow : Survey view of humerus.

Wrist : Flythrough of wrist.

Virtual Ureteroscopy from CT Data

Latex Glove Phantom

Latex Glove Phantom : Views of the interior of a latex glove phantom from exterior positions.

Renal Pelvis

Renal Pelvis : Fly around and through renal pelvis of the kidney collecting system.

Other from CT Data

Knee : View of tibial plateau fracture from within femur.

Hip : View of hip dysplasia.

Heart : Views of aortic valves from positions interior and exterior to the heart.

Colon : Views of interior of colon from interior and exterior positions