Graphics/Image Summer Internships: What's around here?

Here is collected a list of local companies in computer graphics and image analysis that are a place to start looking. This list is collected from UNC graphics and image faculty members, and from info given by local industry members themselves. If you know of another company, please send email to and I will add it to the list.   If a company has gone away or changed its contact information, please let me know this as well. Last checked on November 95, 2010.

Company Name Phone Number Electronic Address: Contact at Company Who told me Other
Kitware (Carrboro office) Stephen Aylward Stephen Aylward Web page
Biomachines, Inc. 459-6393 Frank Wang, President James Coggins 
Raindrop Geomagic 474-0112   Dinesh Manocha Web page
3rdTech 929-1903 Nick England Nick England Web page
Cortex 806-4444 Mr. Robin Thompson Seon Joo Kim Web page
RTI 541-5960 Dale Rowe Russ Taylor Web page
Alien Skin Software 832-4124   Jeff Butterworth Nick England Web page
CEI 481-4301   Tom Palmer Nick England Web page
Epic Games Tim Johnson Dinesh Manocha Web page
Nvidia 544-4296 David Luebke Anselmo Lastra Web page
ATI   Dinesh Manocha Web page
Vicious Cycle Software, Inc 370-3001   Eric Peterson Mark Kupper Web page
National Capital Area Medical Simulation Center Alan Liu Russ Taylor Web page
NxView Technologies 657-3300 Tiger Harris Warren Robinett Web page
America's Army       Suzanne Vogel Web page
Insomniac Games       Jeremy Wendt Web page
Google   Anselmo Lastra Web page
EPA (RTP) 919-541-3521 John Streicher Dinesh Manocha Web page
MxR Lab at USC Institude for Creative Technologies Evan A. Suma Russ Taylor Web page
Microsoft Research 425-703-3029 Zhengyou Zhang Greg Welch Web page Application page

Suzanne Vogel also pointed me to IGDA's website at, which lists other contacts.

Summer Internships: Our Policy (at least CISMM)

A summer job in industry is a priceless educational opportunity. You get to assess your professional interests, the working environment of a company, and the living conditions in another region of the country. It is an unparalleled opportunity to try a corporate situation and leave with good will all around.

We encourage all students to take advantage of this opportunity, even though it usually delays progress on our projects. People, not papers or projects, are our most important product.

Even if you have already done so, please tell your research advisor whether or not you want to work on our project this summer, the number of weeks, and the fraction of time. If you want to change projects, negotiate that with both your present boss (courtesy says tell him first) and your proposed boss.

Any information, partial or tentative, will be useful and welcome. We will not consider any statements you make at this time to be binding. You can defer deciding whether to take our offer until quite late (April), after you have explored other opportunities.