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Kim; Gokul Varadhan; Dinesh Manocha Generalized Penetration Depth Computation Available TR05-025 David Tuft; Brian Salomon; Sean Hanlon; Dinesh Manocha Fast Line-of-Sight Computations in Complex Environments Available TR05-024 Brandon Lloyd; Sung-eui Yoon; David Tuft; Dinesh Manocha Subdivided Shadow Maps Available TR05-023 David Gotz; Ketan Mayer-Patel GAL: A Middleware Library for Multidimensional Adaptation Available TR05-022 David Gotz; Ketan Mayer-Patel Scalable and Adaptive Streaming for Non-Linear Media Available TR05-021 David Stotts; Gary Bishop; James Culp; Dorian Miller; Karl Gyllstrom; Keith Lee Facetop on the Tablet PC: Assistive Technology in support of classroom note-taking for hearing-impaired students Available TR05-020 Avneesh Sud; Naga Govindaraju; Russell Gayle; Dinesh Manocha Interactive 3D Distance Field Computation using Linear Factorization Available TR05-019 Jeremy D. Wendt; William V. Baxter; Ipek Oguz; Ming C. Lin Finite Volume Flow Simulations on Arbitrary Domains Available TR05-018 Sharif Razzaque Redirected Walking Available TR05-017 Sushant Rewaskar;Jasleen Kaur;Don Smith Empirical Analysis of TCP Losses and Its Detection/Recovery Mechanisms Available TR05-016 Naga K. Govindaraju; Nikunj Raghuvanshi; Michael Henson; David Tuft; Dinesh Manocha; A Cache-Efficient Sorting Algorithm for Database and Data Mining Computations using Graphics Processors Available TR05-015 Jinze Liu; Susan Paulsen; Wei Wang; Andrew Nobel; Jan Prins; Mining Approximate Frequent Itemsets From Noisy Data Available TR05-013 Jason McC Smith; David Stotts Case Studies in Automated Design Pattern Detection in C++ Code using SPQR Available TR05-012 Jason McC Smith; David Stotts SPQR: Formalized Design Pattern Detection and Software Architecture Analysis Available TR05-011 Adrian Ilie; Greg Welch Ensuring Color Consistency across Multiple Cameras Available TR05-010 Karl Gyllstrom; David Stotts Facetop: Integrated semitransparent video for enhanced natural pointing in shared screen collaborations Available TR05-009 Robert Broadhurst Simplifying Texture Classification Available TR05-008 Kok-Lim Low Some Conditions for Accurate Surface Registration Available TR05-007 SriRam Thirthala; Marc Pollefeys Multi-view geometry of 1D radial cameras and its application to omnidirectional camera calibration Available TR05-005 David Stotts; Karl Gyllstrom; Dorian Miller; Jason McC Smith Facetop: Integrating Artifact and User in Synchronous Paired Collaborations via Semi-Transparent Video Available TR05-004 Brian Begnoche; David Gotz; Ketan Mayer-Patel; The Design and Implementation of StrandCast Available TR05-003 Stephane Redon; Ming C. Lin A Fast Method for Local Penetration Depth Computation Available TR05-002 Leandra Vicci The 3DFM Magnet Drive Amplifier Available TR05-001 Gokul Varadhan; Dinesh Manocha Star-Shaped Roadmaps: A Deterministic Sampling Approach for Complete Motion Planning Available TR04-032 Francisco Chinchilla; Todd Gamblin; Morten Sommervoll; Jan F. Prins Parallel N-Body Simulation Using GPUs Available TR04-031 Deepak Bandyopadhyay; Jun Huan; Jinze Liu; Wei Wang; Jan Prins; Jack Snoeyink Using Fast Subgraph Isomorphism Checking For Protein Functional Annotation Using SCOP and Gene Ontology Available TR04-030 Erin Parker Analyzing the Behavior of Loop Nests in the Memory Hierarchy: Methods, Tools, and Applications Available TR04-029 Chris Weigle; Russell M. Taylor II Visualizing intersecting surfaces with nested-surface techniques (as submitted for review to Graphics Interface 2005) Available TR04-028 Chris Weigle Evaluation of techniques for displaying shape and disparity between paired surfaces Available TR04-027 Stephane Redon; lin An Efficient, Error Bounded Approximation Algorithm for Simulating Quasi-Statics of Complex Linkages Available TR04-026 Ritesh Kumar; Jasleen Kaur Efficient Beacon Placement for Network Tomography Available TR04-024 Priyank Porwal; Maria Papadopouli On-demand channel switching for multi-channel wireless MAC protocols Available TR04-023 Russell M. Taylor II Directly Rendering Non-Polygonal Objects on Graphics Hardware using Vertex and Fragment Programs Available TR04-021 Thomas C. Hudson Adapting a Collaborative, Force-Feedback, Graphical User Interface to Best-Effort Networks Available TR04-019 Maria Papadopouli; Haipeng Shen; Manolis Spanakis; Characterizing the mobility and association patterns of wireless users in a campus Available TR04-018 Jun Huan; Wei Wang; Jan Prins; Jiong Yang SPIN: Mining Maximal Frequent Subgraphs from Graph Databases Available TR04-017 Paul Zimmons The Influence of Lighting Quality on Presence and Task Performance in Virtual Environments Available TR04-016 Yonatan Fridman; Stephen Pizer Extracting the Geometry of Branching Slabs via Cores Available TR04-015 Jason Jerald Latency Compensation for Head-Mounted Virtual Reality Available TR04-012 Adrian Ilie Ensuring Color Consistency across Multiple Cameras Available TR04-011 Sung-Eui Yoon; Brian Salomon; Russell Gayle; Dinesh Manocha Quick-VDR: Interactive View-Dependent Rendering of Massive Models Available TR04-010 Jason McC Smith Pattern/Object Markup Language (POML): A Simple XML Schema for Object Oriented Code Descripton Available TR04-009 Miguel A. Otaduy; Ming C. Lin A Perceptually-Inspired Force Model for Haptic Texture Rendering Available TR04-008 David Stotts; Jason McC Smith; Karl Gyllstrom; Support for Distributed Pair Programming in the Transparent Video Facetop Available TR04-007 Miguel A. Otaduy; Nitin Jain; Avneesh Sud; Ming C. Lin Haptic Rendering of Interaction between Textured Objects Available TR04-006 William Baxter; Yuanxin Liu; Ming C. Lin; A Viscous Paint Model for Interactive Applications Available TR04-005 David Stotts; Jason McC Smith; Karl Gyllstrom; Single- and Dual-User Web Browsing in the Transparent Video Facetop Available TR04-004 Kok-Lim Low Linear Least-Squares Optimization for Point-to-Plane ICP Surface Registration Available TR04-002 Franciso Chinchilla; Maria Papadopouli; Billy Saelim; Diane Pozefsky; Harshavardhan Sabbineni; Identifying wireless user groups and association patterns in a campus Available TR04-001 Erin Parker; Sid Chatterjee An Automata-Theoretic Algorithm for Counting Solutions to Presburger Formulas Available TR03-043 Deepak Bandyopadhyay; Alexander Tropsha; Jack Snoeyink; Analyzing Protein Structure Using Almost-Delaunay Tetrahedra Available TR03-042 Gokul Varadhan; Dinesh Manocha Accurate Minkowski Sum Approximation of Polyhedral Models Available TR03-041 Lars Nyland; Mark Snyder Fast Trigonometric Functions using Intel's SSE2 Instructions Available TR03-040 Mark Jason Harris Real-Time Cloud Simulation and Rendering Available TR03-039 Naga K. Govindaraju; Brandon Lloyd; Wei Wang; Ming Lin; Dinesh Manocha; Fast Computation of Database Operations using Graphics Processors Available TR03-038 Stephane Redon; Young J. Kim; Ming C. Lin; Dinesh Manocha Fast Continuous Collision Detection for Articulated Models Available TR03-037 Young J. Kim; Ming C. Lin; Dinesh Manocha; Jim Templeman Interactive and Continuous Collision Detection for Avatars in Virtual Environments Available TR03-036 Harald Schmidl; Ming C. Lin Real-time Physically-based Interaction between Avatars and Virtual Environments Available TR03-035 Shelby Funk; Sanjoy Baruah Restricting EDF migration on uniform multiprocessors Available TR03-034 Jan Prins; Jun Huan; Bill Pugh; Chau-Wen Tseng; P. Sadayappan; UPC Implementation of an Unbalanced Tree Search Benchmark Available TR03-033 Dennis Jen; Peter Parente; Jonathan Robbins; Christopher Weigle; Russell Taylor II; Alain Burette; Richard Weinberg; Case Study: Investigating Dendritic Spines Using Computer Visualization Techniques Available TR03-032 Jason McC Smith; David Stotts Elemental Design Patterns and the Rho-calculus: Foundations for Automated Design Pattern Detection in SPQR Available TR03-031 Pablo Mauricio Rademacher Measuring the Perceived Visual Realism of Images Available TR03-030 Charalampos Fretzagias; Maria Papadopouli Cooperative location-sensing for wireless networks Available TR03-029 Leandra Vicci Analytical bead force model for the 3DFM Available TR03-028 Anand Srinivasan; James H. Anderson Fair Scheduling of Dynamic Task Systems on Multiprocessors Available TR03-027 Francisco Chinchilla; Maria Papadopouli Analysis of wireless information locality and association Available TR03-026 Avneesh Sud; Dinesh Manocha Fast Distance Field Computation Using Graphics Hardware Available TR03-024 Jiong Yang; Wei Wang; Philip Yu; Approximate Search on Large String Databases Available TR03-023 Jiong Yang; Wei Wang AGILE: A General Approach to Detect Transitions in Evolving Data Streams Available TR03-022 Sanjoy K. Baruah Optimal Utilization Bounds for the Fixed-priority Scheduling of Periodic Task Systems on Identical Multiprocessors Available TR03-021 Jun Huan; Wei Wang; Jan Prins; Efficient Mining of Frequent Subgraph in the Presence of Isomorphism Available TR03-020 Greg Coombe; Mark J. Harris; Anselmo Lastra; Radiosity on Graphics Hardware Available TR03-019 Justin Hensley; Josh Steinhurst; Greg Coombe; Anselmo Lastra PHATextures: A Surface-Based Data Structure for Interactive Rendering of Glossy Surfaces Available TR03-018 Dean Herington; David Stotts Federating Programs Artfully with DeCo Available TR03-017 Dean Herington; David Stotts DeCo: A Declarative Coordination Framework for Scientific Model Federations Available TR03-016 Jason McC Smith; David Stotts SPQR: Flexible Automated Design Pattern Extraction from Source Code Available TR03-015 Sung-Eui Yoon; Brian Salomon; Dinesh Manocha; Interactive View-dependent Rendering with Conservative Occlusion Culling in Complex Environments Available TR03-014 Naga K. Govindaraju; Stephane Redon; Ming C. Lin; Dinesh Manocha CULLIDE: Interactive Collision Detection Between Complex Models in Large Environments Using Graphics Hardware Available TR03-013 Miguel A. Otaduy; Ming C. Lin CLODs: Dual Hierarchies for Multiresolution Collision Detection Available TR03-012 Gokul Varadhan; Shankar Krishnan; Young J. Kim; Suhas Diggavi; Dinesh Manocha; Efficient Max-Norm Distance Computation and Reliable Voxelization Available TR03-011 Martin Isenburg; Jack Snoeyink Compressing Texture Coordinates with Selective Linear Predictions Available TR03-010 Martin Isenburg; Jack Snoeyink Binary Compression Rates for ASCII Formats Available TR03-009 Wei Wang; Jinze Liu Flexible clustering by tendency in high dimensional space Available TR03-007 Jason McC Smith; David Stotts SPQR: Use of a First-Order Theorem Prover for Flexibly Finding Design Patterns in Source Code Available TR03-006 Mark R. Lindsey; Maria Papadopouli; Francisco Chinchilla; Abhishek Singh Measurement and analysis of the spatial locality of wireless information and mobility patterns in a campus Available TR03-004 Naga K. Govindaraju; Brandon Lloyd; Sung-Eui Yoon; Avneesh Sud; Dinesh Manocha; Interactive Shadow Generation in Complex Environments Available TR03-003 David Stotts; Laurie Williams; Nachiappan Nagappan; Prashant Baheti; Dennis Jen; Anne Jackson Virtual Teaming: Experiments and Experiences with Distributed Pair Programming Available TR03-002 Leandra Vicci B&K 4370 Accelerometer and Charge Amplifier Manual Available TR03-001 Michael Meehan; Sharif Razzaque; Mary C. Whitton; Frederick P. Brooks Jr Effect of Latency on Presence in Stressful Virtual Environments Available TR02-052 David Kirk McAllister A Generalized Surface Appearance Representation for Computer Graphics Available TR02-051 Mark Foskey; Ming C. Lin; Dinesh Manocha; Efficient Computation of A Simplified Medial Axis Available TR02-050 Martin Isenburg; Pierre Alliez Compressing Polygon Mesh Geometry with Parallelogram Prediction Available TR02-049 Martin Isenburg; Pierre Alliez Compressing Hexahedral Volume Meshes Available TR02-048 Martin Isenburg Compressing Polygon Mesh Connectivity with Degree Duality Prediction Available TR02-047 Martin Isenburg; Jack Snoeyink Coding Polygon Meshes as Compressable ASCII Available TR02-046 Ramesh Raskar Projector-based Three Dimensional Graphics Available TR02-045 James H. Anderson; Sanjoy K. Baruah Energy-aware implementation of hard-real-time systems upon multiprocessor platforms Available TR02-044 Paul Yushkevich; Sarang Joshi; Steve Pizer; Feature Selection for Shape-Based Classification of Biological Objects Available TR02-043 P. Thomas Fletcher; Conglin Lu; Sarang Joshi; Statistics of Shape via Principal Component Analysis on Lie Groups Available TR02-042 Anand Srinivasan; Philip Holman; James Anderson; Sanjoy Baruah The Case for Fair Multiprocessor Scheduling Available TR02-041 Jeremy D. Ackerman Application of Augmented Reality to Laparoscopic Surgery Available TR02-040 Jason McC Smith An Elemental Design Pattern Catalog Available TR02-039 Karl Hillesland; Brian Salomon; Anselmo Lastra; Dinesh Manocha Fast and Simple Occlusion Culling Using Hardware-Based Depth Queries Available TR02-038 Jason Smith; David Stotts Elemental Design Patterns: A Logical Inference System and Theorem Prover Support for Flexible Discovery of Design Patterns Available TR02-036 Samir Naik Real-time Avatar Construction Using Shape Tape Available TR02-035 Robert Katz Form Metrics for Interactive Rendering via Figural Models of Perception Available TR02-034 Michael Meehan; Brent Insko; Mary C. Whitton; Frederick P. Brooks Jr. Physiological Measures of Presence in Stressful Virtual Environments Available TR02-033 Alexandra Bokinsky Multivariate Data Visualization with Data-Driven Spots Available TR02-031 Hye-Chung Kum; Jian Pei; Wei Wang; Dean Duncan ApproxMAP: Approximate Mining of Consensus Sequential Patterns Available TR02-030 David Stotts 3D Sliders: Programming Uses for 3D Object Warping in Collaborative Virtual Environments Available TR02-028 Gokul Varadhan; Dinesh Manocha Out-of-Core Rendering of Massive Geometric Environments Available TR02-027 Naga K. Govindaraju; Avneesh Sud; Sung-Eui Yoon; Dinesh Manocha Parallel Occlusion Culling for Interactive Walkthroughs using Multiple GPUs Available TR02-026 Shelby Funk; Joel Goossens Modifying EDF for Uniform Multiprocessors Available TR02-025 Sanjoy K. Baruah The non-preemptive scheduling of periodic tasks upon multiprocessors Available TR02-024 Kok-Lim Low; Adrian Ilie View Frustum Optimization To Maximize Object's Image Area Available TR02-021 Benjamin Chak Lum Lok Interacting With Dynamic Real Objects in Virtual Environments Available TR02-020 Kelly Ward; Susan Fisher; Ming Lin; Simplified Representations for Modeling Hair Available TR02-019 Kok-Lim Low Viewpoint Calibration With Respect To A Tracker Available TR02-018 Kok-Lim Low Calibrating The HiBall Wand Available TR02-017 Jason McC Smith; David Stotts An Extensible Object Tracking Architecture for Hyperlinking in Real-time and Stored Video Streams Available TR02-016 Mark J. Harris Implementation of a CML Boiling Simulation using Graphics Hardware Available TR02-015 Mark Harris Analysis of Error in a CML Diffusion Operation Available TR02-014 Young J. Kim; Miguel A. Otaduy; Ming C. Lin; Dinesh Manocha "Fast Penetration Depth Computation Using Rasterization Hardware and Hierarhical Refinement" Available TR02-013 William V. Baxter; Avneesh Sud; Naga Kiran Govindaraju; Dinesh Manocha Gigawalk: Interactive Walkthrough of Complex Environments Available TR02-012 David Stotts; Mark Lindsey; Angus Antley; An Informal Formal Method for Systematic JUnit Test Case Generation Available TR02-011 Jason Smith; David Stotts Elemental Design Patterns: A Link Between Architecture and Object Semantics Available TR02-010 Prashant Baheti; Laurie Williams; Edward Gehringer; David Stotts; Jason Smith; Distributed Pair Programming: Empirical Studies and Supporting Environments Available TR02-009 David Stotts; Jason Smith; Laurie Williams; Hypervideo Support for Distributed Extreme Programming Available TR02-008 David Stotts; Jan Prins; Lars Nyland; CobWeb: Visual Design of Collaboration Protocols for Dynamic Group Web Browsing Available TR02-007 David Stotts; Jason Smith Automated Hyperlink Markup for Archived Video Available TR02-006 Nathan Moon; Elizabeth Bullitt; Koen van Leemput; Guido Gerig Automatic Brain and Tumor Segmentation Available TR02-004 Kenneth E. Hoff; Andrew Zaferakis; Ming Lin; Dinesh Manocha Fast 3d Geometric Proximity Queries Between Rigid & Deformable Models Using Graphics Hardware Acceleration Available TR02-003 Paul Yushkevich; P. Thomas Fletcher; Sarang Joshi; Andrew Thall; Stephen M. Pizer; Continuous Medial Representations for Geometric Object Modeling in 2D and 3D Available TR02-002 Thomas Fletcher; Stephen Pizer; Andrew Thall; A. 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Helser VRPN: A Device-Independent, Network-Transparent VR Peripheral System Available TR01-019 Voicu Popescu Forward Rasterization: A Reconstruction Algorithm for Image-Based Rendering Available TR01-018 Michael Meehan Physiological Reaction as an Objective Measure of Presence in Virtual Environments Available TR01-017 Brent Edward Insko Passive Haptics Significantly Enhances Virtual Environments Available TR01-016 Bjorn Andersson; Sanjoy Baruah; Jan Jonsson; Static-priority scheduling on multiprocessors Available TR01-015 Shelby Funk; Joel Goossens; Sanjoy Baruah; On-line scheduling on uniform multiprocessors Available TR01-014 Leandra Vicci Quaternions and Rotations in 3-Space: The Algebra and its Geometric Interpretation Available TR01-012 Stephen A. Ehmann; Ming C. 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Mark Multiple Image Warping for Remote Display of Rendered Images Available TR99-022 William Mark Post-Rendering 3D Image Warping: Visibility, Reconstruction, and Performance for Depth-Image Warping Available TR99-020 Sandeep Sen; Siddhartha Chatterjee; Neeraj Dumir; Towards a theory of cache-efficient algorithms Available TR99-019 David McAllister; Lars Nyland; Voicu Popescu; Anselmo Lastra; Chris McCue; Real-Time Rendering of Real World Environments Available TR99-018 Eric Larsen; Stefan Gottschalk; Ming C. Lin; Dinesh Manocha Fast Proxmity Queries with Swept Sphere Volumes Available TR99-017 Voicu S. Popescu; Anselmo A. Lastra High Quality 3D Image Warping by Separating Visibility from Reconstruction Available TR99-015 Manuel M. Oliveira; Gary Bishop Relief Textures Available TR99-014 David Chen; Stephen M. Pizer; J. Turner Whitted; Using Multiscale Medial Models to Guide Volume Visualization Available TR99-011 Kenneth E. 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Oliveira; Gary Bishop Factoring 3-D Image Warping Equations into a Pre-Warp Followed by Conventional Texture Mapping Available TR99-001 George Stetten Volume of Arbitrary Shapes from Boundary Curvature and Medial Scale Available TR98-039 Lars Nyland Capturing Dense Environmental Range Information with a Panning, Scanning Laser Rangefinder Available TR98-038 John Keyser; Tim Culver; Dinesh Manocha; Shankar Krishnan MAPC A library for Efficient and Exact Manipulation of Algebraic Points and Curves and Curves Available TR98-037 George Stetten Volume of Arbitrary Shapes from Boundary Curvature and Medial Scale Available TR98-036 Michael Bajura Merging Real and Virtual Environments with Video See-Through Head-Mounted Displays Available TR98-035 George Stetten; Stephen M. Pizer Automated Identification and Measurement of Objects via Populations of Medial Primitives, with Application to Real Time 3D Echocardiography Available TR98-034 Timothy Culver; John Keyser; Dinesh Manocha; Accurate Computation of the Medial Axis of a Polyhedron Available TR98-033 Carl Erikson; Dinesh Manocha GAPS: General and Automatic Polygonal Simplification Available TR98-032 Arthur Gregory; Ming Lin; Stefan Gottschalk; Russell Taylor H-COLLIDE: A Framework for Fast and Accurate Collision Detection for Haptic Interaction Available TR98-031 Andrew Wilson; Eric Larsen; Dinesh Manocha; Ming C. Lin IMMPACT: A System for Interactive Proximity Queries On Massive Models Available TR98-030 Chun-Fa Chang; Gary Bishop; Anselmo Lastra; LDI Tree: A Hierarchical Representation for Image-based Rendering Available TR98-029 David P. Luebke View-Dependent Simplification of Arbitrary Polygonal Environments Available TR98-028 Manuel M. Oliveira; Gary Bishop Image-Based Objects Available TR98-026 Rui Bastos; Wolfgang Sturzlinger Forward Mapped Planar Mirror Reflections Available TR98-024 Daniel G. Aliaga; Anselmo A. Lastra Bounding Geometric Complexity using Image Replacement Available TR98-023 Manuel Menezes Oliveira III; Gary Bishop Dynamic Shading in Image-Based Rendering Available TR98-021 Meenakshi Gopi; Dinesh Manocha A Unified Approach for Simplifying Polygonal and Spline Models Available TR98-020 Aaron Wallack; Ioannis Z. Emris MARS: A Maple/Matlab/C Resultant-based Solver Available TR98-019 Jon Leech OpenGL Extensions and Restrictions for PixelFlow Available TR98-017 Ramesh Raskar; Henry Fuchs; Greg Welch; Adam Lake; Matt Cutts; 3D Talking Heads: Image based Modeling at Interactive rates using Available TR98-015 Kevin Arthur; Timothy Preston; Russell Taylor; Frederick Brooks; Mary Whitton; William Wright Designing and Building the PIT: a Head-Tracked Stereo Workspace for Two Users Available TR98-014 Arthur Gregory; Andrei State; Ming Lin; Dinesh Manocha; Mark Livingston; Feature-based Surface Decomposition for Polyhedral Morphing Available TR98-013 Daniel Aliaga; Jonathan Cohen; Andrew Wilson; Hansong Zhang; Carl Erikson; Kenneth Hoff; Thomas Hudson; Wolfgang Stuerzlinger; Eric Baker; Rui Bastos; Mary Whitton; Fred Brooks; Dinesh Manocha; A Framework for the Real-Time Walkthrough of Massive Models Available TR98-012 John Keyser; Shankar Krishnan; Dinesh Manocha; Tim Culver Efficient and Reliable Computation with Algebraic Numbers for Geometric Algorithms Available TR98-011 William Mark; Gary Bishop Efficient Reconstruction Techniques for Post-Rendering 3D Image Warping Available TR98-010 Wolfgang Stuerzlinger "Imaging all Visible Surfaces" Or "How many Reference Images are needed for Image-Based Modeling?" Available TR98-009 Carl Erikson; Dinesh Manocha Simplification Culling of Static and Dynamic Scene Graphs Available TR98-008 George D. Stetten; Stephen M. Pizer Extracting Shape Properties via Populations of Medial Primitives Available TR98-007 Paul Yshkevich; Daniel Fritsch; Stephen Pizer; Edward Chaney Towards Automatic, Model-Driven Detemination of 3D Patient Setup Errors in Conformal Radiotherapy Available TR98-006 Jacob Furst; Stephen Pizer Marching Optimal Parameter Ridges: an Algorithm to Extract Shape Loci in 3D Images Available TR98-005 Stephen M. Pizer; Daniel S. Fritsch; Kah Chan Low; Jacob D. Furst 2D & 3D Figural Models of Anatomic Objects From Medical Images Available TR98-004 Luiz Alberto Lima; Rui Bastos Seismic Data Volume Rendering Available TR98-003 Hansong Zhang Forward Shadow Mapping Available TR97-045 David Luebke A Survey of Polygonal Simplification Algorithms Available TR97-043 Hansong Zhang A Traditionalist View of 3-D Image Warping Available TR97-042 Muthukrishnan Paramasivam Instance-Based First-Order Methods Using Propositional Calculus Provers Available TR97-041 Marc Olano; Michael North Normal Distribution Mapping Available TR97-040 Marco Olano; Anselmo Lastra; Jonathan Leech; Procedural Primitives in a High Performance, Hardware Accelerated, Z-Buffer Renderer Available TR97-020 Stephen M. Pizer; Daniel S. Fritsch; Paul A. Yushkevish; Valen El Johnson; Edward L. Chaney; Segmentation, Registration, and Measurement of Shape Variation via Image Object Shape Available TR97-019 Matthew M. Rafferty; Daniel G. 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Pizer; Core Atoms and the Spectra of Scale Available TR97-005 David Luebke; Carl Erikson View-Dependent Simplification of Arbitrary Polygonal Environments Available TR97-004 Hansong Zhang; Dinesh Manocha; Thomas Hudson; Kenneth Hoff Visibility Culling Using Hierarchical Occlusion Maps Available TR97-003 Mark Mine Moving Cows in Space: Exploiting Proprioception As A Framework For Virtual Envrionment Interaction Available TR97-002 David T. Chen; Stephen M. Pizer; Andrei State; Volume Rendering Guided by Multiscale Medial Models Available TR97-001 Shankar Krishnan; Meenakshi Gopi; Dinesh Manocha; Mark Mine Interactive Boundary Computation of Boolean Combinations of Sculptured Solids Available TR96-056 Terry Yoo Image Geometry Though Multiscale Statistics Available TR96-055 Fredrick Brooks; William Wright; Russell Taylor; Twenty-second Annual Progress Report Interactive Graphics For Molecular Studies Available TR96-052 Thomas Hudson; Dinesh Manocha; Jonathan Cohen; Ming C. Lin; Kenneth Hoff III; Hansong Zhang Accelerated Occlusion Culling using Shadow Frusta Available TR96-051 Gregory Francis Welch SCAAT: Incremental Tracking with Incomplete Information Available TR96-050 Vernon L. Chi A 2D Finite Element Formulation of Maxwell's Equations for Propagation of TEM waves between PCB Planes Available TR96-049 Daniel G. Aliaga Portal Textures: Texture Flipbooks for Architectural Models Available TR96-045 Alan Liu; Elizabeth Bullitt; Stephen M. Pizer; Surgical Instrument Guidance Using Synthesized Anatomical Structures Available TR96-044 Stephen Aylward; Stephen M. Pizer Continuous Gaussian Mixture Modeling Available TR96-043 John Halton A Very Fast Method for Finding Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors Available TR96-041 John H. Halton On Accelerating Monte Carlo Techniques for Solving Large Systems of Equations Available TR96-040 John Keyser; Shankar Krishnan; Dinesh Manocha; Efficient B-rep Generation of Low-Degree Sculptured Solids Using Exact Arithmetic Available TR96-039 Subodh Kumar Interactive Rendering of Parametric Spline Surfaces Available TR96-038 Ion Stoica; Hussein Abdel-Wahab; Kevin Jeffay; Sanjoy K. Baruah; Johannes E. Gehrke; C. Greg Plaxton A Proportional Share Resource Allocation Alogorithm for Real-Time, Time-Shared Systems Available TR96-036 Leonard McMillan; Gary Bishop Shape as a Perturbation to Projective Mapping Available TR96-033 Daniel S. Fritsch; Stephen M. Pizer; Liyun Yu; Valen Johnson; Edward L. Chaney; Localization and Segmentation of Medical Image Objects using Deformable Shape Loci Available TR96-029 Mark R. Mine Working in a Virtual World: Interaction Techniques Used in the Chapel Hill Immersive Modeling Program Available TR96-025 Rui Bastos; Michael Goslin; Hansong Zhang; Efficient Rendering of Radiosity using Textures and Bicubic Reconstruction Available TR96-022 Subodh Kumar; Chun-Fa Chang; Dinesh Manocha; Load Balancing for Interactive Display of Surfaces Available TR96-021 Greg Welch; Gary Bishop One-Step-at-a-Time Tracking Available TR96-020 William R. Mark; Gary Bishop; Leonard McMillan; Post-Rendering Image Warping for Latency Compensation Available TR96-019 Geoff Alexander Proving First-Order Equality Theorems with Hyper-Linking Available TR96-018 William F. Garrett; Henry Fuchs; Andrei State; Mary C. Whitton Real-Time Incremental Visualization of Dynamic Ultrasound Volumes Using Parallel BSP Trees Available TR96-017 Jonathan Cohen; Amitabh Varshney; Dinesh Manocha; Greg Turk; Hans Weber; Pankaj Agarwal; Frederick Brooks; William Wright Simplification Envelopes Available TR96-016 Carl Erikson Polygonal Simplification: An Overview Available TR96-015 M. Paramasivam; David Plaisted Automated Deduction Techniques for Classification in Concept Languages Available TR96-014 Subodh Kumar; Dinesh Manocha Hierarchical Back-Face Culling Available TR96-013 S. Gottschalk; M.C. Lin; D. Manocha; OBB-Tree: A Hierarchical Structure for Rapid Interference Detection Available TR96-012 William R. Mark; Scott C. Randolph; Mark Finch; James M. VanVerth UNC-CH Force Feedback Library, Revision C Available TR96-011 Subdoh Kumar Polygon Triangulation Algorithms Available TR96-008 Subodh Kumar Probabilistic Reliable Message Transmission Available TR96-007 Daniel G. Aliaga Dynamic Simplification Using Textures Available TR96-006 David Luebke Hierarchicl Structures for Dynamic Polygonal Simplification Available TR96-005 Bryan S. Morse; Stephen M. Pizer; Derek T. Puff; Chenwei Gu Zoom-Invariant Vision of Figural Shape: Effects on Cores of Image Disturbances Available TR96-004 Stephen M. Pizer; David Eberly; Bryan S. Morse; Daniel S. Fritsch Zoom-Invariant Vision of Figural Shape: The Mathematics of Cores Available TR96-002 Fred Brooks Newport News Shipbuilding Company Interview re Ship Design Process November 20, 1995 Available TR96-001 Merlin Hughes; Christopher DiMattia; Ming C. Lin; Dinesh Manocha Efficient and Accurate Interference Detection for Polynomial Deformation and Soft Object Animation Available TR95-048 Gregory F. Welch An Inertial/Optical Hybrid Three-Dimensional Tracking System Available TR95-047 Leonard McMillan Computing Visibility Without Depth Available TR95-046 Leonard McMillan; Gary Bishop Shape as a Perturbation to Projective Mapping Available TR95-045 Vinay Gupta; Richard K. Alley; Jonathan Marshall; Development of Triadic Neural Circuits for Visual Image Stabilization Under Eye Movements Available TR95-043 Paul Keller Parallel Tessellation of Bezier Surface Patches Using a SIMD Processor Array Available TR95-042 Michael P. Goslin Illumination As Texture Maps For Faster Rendering Available TR95-041 Greg Welch; Gary Bishop An Introduction to the Kalman Filter Available TR95-039 Subodh Kumar; Dinesh Manocha Hierarchical Visibility Culling for Spline Models Available TR95-038 Shankar Krishnan; Dinesh Manocha Algebraic Loop Detection and Evaluation Algorithms for Curve and Surface Interrogations Available TR95-037 Mark Livingston; Andrei State Improved Augmented Reality Registration via Magnetic Tracker Calibration Available TR95-034 Anantha Kancherla; Mark Singer; Jannick Rolland; Calibrating See-Through Head-Mounted Displays Available TR95-027 Derek Thomas Puff Human vs. Vision Model Performance for Two Medical Image Estimation Tasks Available TR95-026 Ellen J. Scher Zaiger Frameless Antialiasing Available TR95-025 Gary Marc Levin An Introduction to Proteus Version 0.9 Available TR95-024 L. S. Nyland; J. F. Prins; P. H. Mills; J. H. Reif The Proteus Solution to the NSWC Prototyping Problem Available TR95-023 Ryutarou Ohbuchi Incremental Acquisition and Visualization of 3D Ultrasound Images Available TR95-020 Mark R. Mine ISAAC: A Virtual Environment Tool for the Interactive Construction of Virtual Worlds Available TR95-019 Subodh Kumar; Shankar Krishnan; Dinesh Manocha; Atul Narkhede Representation and Fast Display of Complex CSG Models Available TR95-018 Mark R. Mine Virtual Environment Interaction Techniques Available TR95-017 Chris Georges Obscuration Culling on Parallel Graphics Architectures Available TR95-016 Richard Lee Holloway Registration errors in augmented reality systems Available TR95-015 Carl Mueller Architectures of Image Generators for Flight Simulators Available TR95-014 Jeff P.M. Hultquist Interactive Numerical Flow Visualization Using Stream Surfaces Available TR95-013 Carl Erikson Error Correction of a Large Architectural Model: The Henderson County Courthouse Available TR95-012 Vernon L. Chi Noise Model and Performance Analysis Of Outward-looking Optical Trackers Using Lateral Effect Photo Diodes Available TR95-009 Russell M. Taylor II Requirements and Availability of Application Programmer's Interfaces for Virtual-Reality Systems Available TR95-008 Shankar Krishnan; Atul Narkhede; Dinesh Manocha; BOOLE: A System to Compute Boolean Combinations of Sculptured Solids Available TR95-007 Ronald Tadao Azuma Predictive Tracking for Augmented Reality Available TR95-006 Leonard McMillan Acquiring Immersive Virtual Environments with an Uncalibrated Camera Available TR95-005 Leonard McMillan A List-Priority Rendering Algorithm for Redisplaying Projected Surfaces Available TR95-002 John H. Halton A Property of Certain Squares Available TR94-074 D. S. Fritsch; D Eberly; S. M. Pizer; M. J. McAuliffe Stimulated Cores and their Applications in Medical Imaging Available TR94-073 Kevin Jeffay; David Becker; David Bennett; Shaun Bharrat; Timothy Gramling; Mark Housel The Design, Implementation, and Use of a Sporadic Tasking Model Available TR94-072 Shaun Bharrat; Kevin Jeffay Predicting Worst Case Execution Times on a Pipelined RISC Processor Available TR94-071 Injong Rhee Efficiency of Partial Synchrony, and Resource Allocation in Distributed Systems Available TR94-070 Mark Mine A Review and Analysis of Through-the Windo Computer-Aided Modeling Systems Available TR94-068 Elton Philip Amburn Development and Evaluation of an Air-to-Air Combat Debriefing System Using a Head-Mounted Display Available TR94-067 Derek T. Puff; Stephen M. Pizer Human vs. Vision Model Performance fo a Medical Image Estimation Task Available TR94-066 David Howard Eberly Geometric Methods for Analysis of Ridges in N-Dimensional Images Available TR94-065 Paul J. Hilts Taking TDR measurements of PCB traces using the Tektronix 11801A Digital Scope and the IPA310 Interconnect Parameter Analyzer program Available TR94-063 Shankar Krishnan; Dinesh Manocha Hidden Surface Removal Algorithms for Curved Surfaces Available TR94-062 Shankar Krishnan; Dinesh Manocha An Efficient Surface Intersection Algorithm based on Lower Dimensional Formulation Available TR94-061 Madhav K. Ponamgi; Dinesh Manocha; Ming C. Lin; Incremental Algorithms for Collision Detection Between General Solid Models Available TR94-059 Terry S. Yoo; David T. Chen Interactive 3D Medical Visualization: A Parallel Approach to Surface Rendering 3D Medical Data Available TR94-058 Terry S. Yoo Scale and Statistics in Variable Conductance Diffusion Available TR94-055 Stefan Gottschalk; Vernon L. Chi Sensitivity of System Accuracy to Fabrication Tolerances in an Outward-looking Tracker Available TR94-051 Heng Chu Semantically Guided First-Order Theorem Proving with Hyper-Linking Available TR94-050 Amitabh Varshney Hierarchical Geometric Approximations Available TR94-048 Christina A. Burbeck; Stephen M. Pizer Object Representation by Cores: Identifying and Representing Primitive Spatial Regions Available TR94-047 Terry S. Yoo; James M. Coggins Using Statistical Pattern Recognition Techniques to Control Variable Conductance Diffusion Available TR94-045 Stephen Aylward; James Coggins; Ted Cizadlo; Nancy Andreasen Spatially Invariant Classification of Tissues in MR Images Available TR94-044 Derek T. Puff; David Eberly; Stephen M. Pizer; Object-based Interpolation via Cores Available TR94-040 Ulrich Neumann; Andrei State; Hong Chen; Henry Fuchs; Tim J. Cullip; Qin Fang; Matt Lavoie; John Rhoades Interactive Multimodal Volume Visualization for a Distributed Radiation- Treatment Planning Simulator Available TR94-039 Richard Furuta; P. David Stotts A Hypermedia Basis for the Specification, Documentation, Verification, and Prototyping of Concurrent Protocols Available TR94-038 John Smith Collective Intelligence in Computer Based Collaboration Available TR94-037 Ross T. Whitaker Geometry-Limited Diffusion Available TR94-036 Dinesh Manocha; Yunshan Zhu; William Wright; Conformational Analysis of Molecular Chains Using Nano-Kinematics Available TR94-035 Greg Turk Texturing Surfaces Using Reaction-Diffusion Available TR94-034 Andrei State; David T. Chen; Chris Tector; Andrew Brandt; Hong Chen; Ryutarou Ohbuchi; Mike Bajura; Henry Fuchs Case Study: Observing a Volume Renderd Fetus within a Pregnant Patient Available TR94-033 Henry Fuchs; Gary Bishop; Kevin Arthur; Leonard McMillan; Ruzena Bajcsy; Sang Lee; Hany Farid; Takeo Kanade Virtual Space Teleconferencing Using a Sea of Cameras Available TR94-032 Bradley M. Hemminger Minimum Perceptual Error Calculation for Perceptual Linearization Available TR94-031 Warren Robinett; Richard Holloway The Visual Display Transformation for Virtual Reality Available TR94-030 Russell M. Taylor II The Nanomanipulator: A Virtual-Reality Interface to a Scanning Tunneling Microscope Available TR94-027 Bradley M. Hemminger; Timothy J. Cullip; MIchael J. North; Interactive Visualization of 3D Medical Image Data Available TR94-026 Frederick P. Brooks, Jr.; William V. Wright Twentieth Annual Progress Report Interactive Graphics for Molecular Studies Available TR94-025 James Che-Ming Chung Intuitive Navigation in the Targeting of Radiation Therapy Treatment Beams Available TR94-024 Ming C. Lin; Dinesh Manocha Efficient Contact Determination Between Geometric Models Available TR94-023 Steve Molnar; Michael Cox; David Ellsworth; Henry Fuchs A Sorting Classification of Parallel Rendering Available TR94-022 Mike Bajura; Ulrich Neumann Dynamic Registration Correction in Augmented-Reality Systems Available TR94-021 Stephen Aylward; James Coggins; Ted Cizadlo; Nancy Andreasen The Effects of Magnetic Resonance Image Inhomogeneities on Automated Tissue Classification Available TR94-019 Yulan Wang; Steven Molnar Second-Depth Shadow Mapping Available TR94-009 Aaron Wallack; Dinesh Manocha Object localization using Algebraic technique Available TR94-008 Subodh Kumar; Dinesh Manocha Interactive Display of Large Scale Trimmed NURBS Models Available TR94-006 David P. Stotts; James M. Purtillo Virtual Environment Architectures: Interoperability Through Software Interconnection Technology Available TR94-005 Jonathan D. Cohen; Ming C. Lin; Dinesh Manocha; Madhav K. Ponamgi Interactive and Exact Collision Detection for Multi-Body Environments Available TR93-067 Martha Jane Kosa Consistency Guarantees for Concurrent Shared Objects: Upper and Lower Bounds Available TR93-066 John Rhoades Shaping Curved Surfaces Available TR93-065 Lawrence D. Bergman VIEW-A System for Prototyping Scientific Visualizations Available TR93-064 Daniel W. Palmer DPL: Data Parallel Library Manual Available TR93-063 Rickard E. Faith; Doug L. Hoffman; David G. Stahl; UnCvl: The University of North Carolina C Vector Library Available TR93-062 Dinesh Manocha; Shankar Krishnan Algebraic Pruning: A Fast Technique for Curve and Surface Intersection Available TR93-060 David Eberly; Robert Gardner; Bryan Morse; Stephen Pizer The Differential Geometry of Scale Space Available TR93-056 David Eberly; Stephen M. Pizer Ridge Flow Models for Image Segmentation Available TR93-055 David Eberly; Robert Gardner; Bryan Morse; Stephen Pizer; Christine Scharlach; Ridges for Image Analysis Available TR93-054 John Menges; M. Parris Tcl and Tk Use in the Artifact Based Collaboration System Available TR93-053 Jonathan Marshall; Richard K. Alley A Self-Organizing Neural Network That Learns to Detect and Represent Visual Depth from Occlusion Events Available TR93-051 Rickard E. Faith; Doug L. Hoffman A Computer Architecture for Fast Approximate Pattern Matching Available TR93-050 Doug L. Hoffman A Comparison of the BioSCAN Algorithm on Multiple Architectures Available TR93-049 Doug L. Hoffman Design of the BioSCAN Server Software Available TR93-048 Mike Bajura Camera Calibration for Video See-Through Head-Mounted Display Available TR93-047 John Menges A Comparison of the Architectures of the X Protocol Engine Library Available TR93-046 Carole Cain; James R. Reeves Ethnographic Research: Process and Methods Available TR93-045 Jannick P. Rolland; Terry Hopkins A Method of Computational Correction for Optical Distortioin in Head-Mounted Displays Available TR93-044 Jannick P. Rolland; Christina A. Burbeck; William Gibson; Dan Ariely Towards Quantifying Depth and Size Perception in 3D Virtual Environments Available TR93-043 Joseph Fletcher III Design of an STM for Nanomanipulation Available TR93-042 Dinesh Manocha Solving Systems of Polynomial Equations Available TR93-041 Yulan Wang Using Texture Memory to Generate Anti-aliased Image Textures on PixelFlow Available TR93-040 Lars Nyland An Introduction to Proteus Version 0.9 Available TR93-039 Amitabh Varshney; William V. Wright; Frederick P. Brooks Jr.; Estimating the number of unit spheres inside a larger sphere Available TR93-038 Ulrich Neumann Communication Cost for Parallel Volume-Rendering Algorithms Available TR93-037 Penny Rheingans Dynamic Exploration of Multiple Variables in a 2D Space Available TR93-036 Robin Fredericksen The Biological Computation of Visual Motion Available TR93-035 Larry Bergman VIEW - A System for Prototyping Scientific Visualizations Available TR93-034 Larry Bergman VIEW Maintenance Guide Available TR93-033 Richard Holloway; Anselmo Lastra Virtual Environments: the Technology Available TR93-030 Lawrence D. Bergman Exploratory Molecular Visualization System Available TR93-027 Timothy J. Cullip; Ulrich Neumann Accelerating Volume Reconstruction with 3D Texture Hardware Available TR93-024 B.M. Hemminger; R.E. Johnston; K. Muller; D. Taylor; M. Mauro; M. Schiebler; E. Pisano; Comparison of clinical findings between intensity-windowed versus CLAHE presentation of chest CT images Available TR93-021 T. Marc Olano; Terry S. Yoo Instant Hole: Windows Onto Reality Available TR93-020 David Stotts; Richard Furuta Modelling and Prototyping Collaborative Software Processes Available TR93-019 John Menges The X Engine Library: A C++ Library for Constructing X Pseudo-Servers Available TR93-018 Jannick P. Rolland; Derek T. Puff Angiogram Simulation Software Documentation Available TR93-017 Ulrich Neumann Volume Reconstruction and Parallel Rendering Algorithms: A Comparative Analysis Available TR93-016 John Hilgedick Open Issues in Object-Oriented Programming: Learning Methods, Object Decomposition, and Inheritance and Reuse Available TR93-014 Frederick P. Brooks Jr.; William V. Wright Nineteenth Annual Progress Report - Interactive Graphics for Molecular Studies Available TR93-013 D.E. Shackelford; John B. Smith The Architecture and Implementation of a Distributed Graph Storage System Available TR93-012 D.E. Shackelford; J.B. Smith Tao of Subgraph: The Data Model of the ABC Distributed Graph Storage System Available TR93-011 David Banks Interacting With Surfaces In Four Dimensions Using Computer Graphics Available TR93-010 Devesh Kumar Bhatnagar Position trackers for Head Mounted Display systems: A survey Available TR93-009 Jonathan A. Marshall Adaptive Perceptual Pattern Recognition by Self-Organizing Neural Networks: Context, Uncertainty, Multiplicity, and Scale Available TR93-008 Kevin E. Martin; Jonathan A. Marshall Unsmearing Visual Motion: Development of Long-Range Horizontal Intrinsic Connections Available TR93-007 Marcy Lansman; Anne Larme Working Together: Interviews on Collaboration Available TR93-006 Eileen Kupstas Patterns of Interaction in Same-Time, Same-Place Collaborative Programming Available TR93-005 Mark Mine; Gary Bishop Just-In-Time Pixels Available TR93-004 Dinesh Manocha; Ming C. Lin; John Canny; Fast Collision Detection between Geometric Models Available TR93-003 Douglas E. Shackelford The Distributed Graph Storage System: A User's Manual for Application Programmers Available TR93-002 Amitabh Varshney; Frederick P. Brooks Jr. Fast Analytical Computation of Richard's Smooth Molecular Surface Available TR93-001 Mark R. Mine Characterization of End-to-End Delays in Head-Mounted Display Systems Available TR92-046 Adam Duggan; Erik Erikson; Carl Mueller; Mark Parris; Quan Zhou; An N-body Simulation in a Virtual Universe - Implementation Manual Available TR92-045 Adam Duggan; Erik Erikson; Carl Mueller; Mark Parris; Quan Zhou; An N-body Simulation in a Virtual Universe - User's Manual Available TR92-044 Douglas E. Shackelford; J.B. Smith; F.D. Smith; A Distributed Data-Storage Service for Supporting Group Collaborations Available TR92-043 Hussein Abdel-Wahab Reliable Information Service for Internet Computer Conferencing Available TR92-042 Hussein Abdel-Wahab; Kevin Jeffay Issues, Problems, and Solutions in Sharing X Clients on Multiple Displays Available TR92-041 Suresh Rajgopal Spatial Entropy - A Unified Attribute to Model Dynamic Communication in VLSI Circuits Available TR92-040 Jan Prins; Daniel Palmer Transforming High-Level Data Parallel Programs into Vector Operations Available TR92-039 Ross T. Whitaker; Stephen M. Pizer Geometry-based image Segmentation Using Anisotropic Difffusion Available TR92-038 David Stotts; Richard Furuta; J. Cyrano Ruiz; Hyperdocuments as Automata: Trace-based Browsing Property Verification Available TR92-037 Ryutarou Ohbuchi; David Chen; Henry Fuchs; Incremental Volume Reconstruction and Rendering for 3D Ultrasound Imaging Available TR92-036 Dana Kay Smith; J.B. Smith Hypermedia vs Paper: User Strategies in Browsing SNA Materials Available TR92-035 Vernon L. Chi Cview -- A Salphasic Clock Distribution Tree Simulator Available TR92-034 Brice Tebbs; Ulrich Neumann; John Eyles; Greg Turk; David Ellsworth; Parallel Architectures and Algorithms for Real-Time Synthesis of High Quality Images using Deferred Shading Available TR92-033 John H. Halton Sequential Monte Carlo Techniques for the Solution of Linear Systems Available TR92-032 John H. Halton The Shoelace Problem Available TR92-031 Douglas E. Shackelford Implementation Design Document for the UNC Distributed Graph Service Available TR92-030 Douglas E. Holmgren Design and Construction of a 30-Degree See-Through Head-Mounted Display Available TR92-029 Douglas E. Holmgren; Warren Robinett Scanned Laser Displays for Head Mounted Displays Available TR92-027 Frederick P. Brooks, Jr. Research Directions in Virtual Environments Available TR92-026 Frederick P. Brooks, Jr., et al Walkthrough Project Final Technical Report Available TR92-025 Stephen M. Pizer; Christina A. Burbeck; James M. Coggins; Daniel S. Fritsch; Bryan S. Morse; Object Shape before Boundary Shape: Scale-space Medial Axes Available TR92-022 Warren Robinett Synthetic Experience: A Taxonomy, Survey of Earlier Thought, and Speculations of the Future Available TR92-021 Joan Boone A Survey of Data Models for Hypermedia Available TR92-020 Mark Parris; Carl Mueller; Jan Prins; Adam Duggan; Quan Zhou; Erik Erikson A Distributed Implementation of an N-body Virtual World Simulation Available TR92-019 John C. Alspaugh A Short Guide to AutoCAD Drawing Primitives for 3D Computer Graphics Models and the Walkthrough AutoCAD-to-Polygon Conversion Program Available TR92-018 William L. Hightower; Jan F. Prins; John H. Reif; Implementation of Randomized Sorting on Large Parallel Machines Available TR92-017 Ross Whitaker Spectra-Limited Diffusion in the Characterization of Textural Patches in Images Available TR92-016 Mark Christopher Surles Techniques for Interactive Manipulation of Graphical Protein Models Available TR92-015 Frederick P. Brooks Jr.; William V. Wright Eighteenth Annual Progress Report: Interactive Graphics for Molecular Studies Available TR92-014 Uwe M. Nimscheck Adaptive Mesh Generation for Radiosity Methods Available TR92-013 Dorothy Holland; James R. Reeves; Anne Larme; The Constitution of Intellectual Work By Programming Teams Available TR92-012 Kevin Jeffay; Jin-Kun Lin; John Menges; F. Donelson Smith; John B. Smith; Architecture of the Artifact-Based Collaboration System Matrix Available TR92-011 John B. Smith Collective Intelligence in Computer-Based Collaboration: An Introduction Available TR92-010 Douglas Shackelford; John B. Smith; F. Donelson Smith; A Distributed Graph Storage System for Artifacts in Group Collaborations Available TR92-007 Rickard Faith RSpace for X Window User's Manual Available TR92-006 Greg Turk Re-Tiling of Polygonal Surfaces Available TR92-005 Mike Bajura; Henry Fuchs; Ryutarou Ohbuchi; Merging Virtual Reality with the Real World: Seeing Ultrasound Imagery within the Patient Available TR92-004 Richard L. Holloway Viper: A Quasi-Real-Time Virtual-Worlds Application Available TR92-003 John B. Smith; Marcy Lansman Designing Theory-Based Systems: A Case Study Available TR92-002 Alfred Graham Gash; Fred J.R. Appelman; Karel J. Zuiderveld; Comprehensive C++ I/O Libraries Supporting Image Processing in a University Research Environment Available TR92-001 Derek T. Puff The Study of Context Effects in Medical Image Contrast Enhancement Assessment via a Binocular Ganzfeld Available TR91-052 John Q. Walker Automated Analysis of Computer- Generated Software Usage Protocols: An Exploratory Study Available TR91-051 Douglas E. Shackelford Requirements Document for the UNC Distributed Graph Service Available TR91-050 William Brown The Use of Sound in Virtual Worlds: A Primer Available TR91-049 Stephen M. Pizer; James M. Coggins; Daniel S. Fritsch; Bryan S. Morse Image Object Description Without Explicit Edge-Finding Available TR91-048Available TR88-018 John H. Halton Monte Carlo Anti-Aliasing Available TR88-017 Marc Levoy Display of Surfaces from Volume Data Available TR88-016 Stephen M. Pizer; David V. Beard Medical Image Workstations: State of Science and Technology Available TR88-015 Henry Fuchs; Stephen M. Pizer; Jeffrey L. Creasy; Jordan B. Renner; Julian G. Rosenmann; Interactive, Richly Cued Shaded Display of Multiple 3D Objects in Medical Images Available TR88-014 Henry Fuchs; John Poulton; John Eyles; Trey Greer Coarse-Grain and Fine-Grain Parallelism in the Next Generation Pixel-Planes Graphics System Available TR88-013 Hypertext Planning Committee Hypertext '87 Available TR88-012 Gopal Gupta; Bharat Jayaraman Combined And-Or Parallel Execution of Logic Programs Available TR88-011 Bharat Jayaraman; Anil Nair Subset-Logic Programming: Application and Implementation Available TR88-010 Frederick P. Brooks Jr.; Helga Thorvaldsdottir; Mark R. Harris; Fourteenth Annual Report: Interactive Graphics for Molecular Studies Available TR88-009 Ralph Cook A Tool for Viewing IDL Data Structures Available TR88-008 Marc Levoy Direct Visualization of Surfaces from Computed Tomography Data Available TR88-007 Frederick P. Brooks Jr. Grasping Reality Through Illusion: Interactive Graphics Serving Science Available TR88-006 Jack Goldfeather; Steven Molnar; Greg Turk; Henry Fuchs Near Real-Time CSG Rendering using Tree Normalization and Geometric Pruning Available TR88-005 Stephen M. Pizer; John M. Gauch; Lawrence M. Lifshitz; Interactive 2D and 3D Object Definition in Medical Images Based on Multiresolution Image Descriptions Available TR88-004 Frank S.K. Silbermann; Bharat Jayaraman Practical Higher-Order Functional and Logic Programming Based on Lambda-Calculus and Set-Abstraction Available TR88-003 John H. Halton Tree-Structured Pseudo-Random Sequences Available TR88-002 Robert C. Cromartie; R. Eugene Johnston; Stephen M. Pizer; Diane Rogers Standardization of Electronic Display Devices Based on Human Perception Available TR88-001 Stephen M. Pizer; John M. Gauch; Lawrence M. Lifshitz; William R. Oliver Image Description via Annihilation of Essential Structures Available TR87-039 Frank S.K. Silbermann; Bharat Jayaraman Unification and Set-Valued Functions for Functional and Logic Programming Available TR87-038 Roman Kuchkuda An Introduction to Ray Tracing Available TR87-037 Gopal Gupta An Interpreter for EqL Available TR87-036 Marc Levoy Rendering of Surfaces from Volumetric Data Available TR87-035 Susan Gauch; John B. Smith Intelligent Search of Full-Text Databases Available TR87-034 Richard C. Potter; David A. Plaisted Term Rewriting: Some Experimental Results Available TR87-033 John Smith; Stephen Weiss; Gordon Ferguson; A Hypertext Writing Environment and Its Cognitive Basis Available TR87-032 John Smith; Marcy Lansman A Cognitive Basis for a Computer Writing Environment Available TR87-031 David V. Beard; John Q. Walker Navigational Techniques to Improve the Display of Large Two-Dimensional Spaces Available TR87-029 Vikram Biyani An Efficient Runtime System for IDL Available TR87-028 Xumin Nie; David Plaisted Implementation Notes on SPRFN-- A Natural Deduction Theorem Prover Available TR87-027 Xumin Nie; David Plaisted Some Experimental Results on Dynamic Subgoal Reordering Available TR87-026 Stephen M. Pizer; R. Eugene Johnston; Diane Rogers; David Beard Effective Presentation of Medical Images Available TR87-025 John H. Halton On The Thickness of Graphs of Given Degree Available TR87-024 John B. Smith; Catherine F. Smith A Strategic Method for Writing Available TR87-023 Katherine N. Clapp; Hermann von Borries Programming in Smalltalk Available TR87-022 N.P. Topham; A. Omondi; R.N. Ibbett; On the Design and Performance of Pipeland Architectures Available TR87-021 Charles Mosher; George Sherouse; Peter Mills; Kevin Novins; Stephen Pizer; Julian Rosenman; Edward Chaney; The Virtual Simulator Available TR87-020 Edwin McKenzie; Richard Snodgrass An Evaluation of Historical Algebras Available TR87-019 Lawrence M. Lifshitz; Stephen M. Pizer A Multiresolution Hierarchial Approach to Image Segmentation Based on Intensity Extrema Available TR87-018 John M. Gauch; William R. Oliver; Stephen M. Pizer; Multiresolution Shape Descriptions and Their Applications in Medical Imaging Available TR87-017 John D. Austin; Stephen M. Pizer A Multiprocessor Adaptive Histogram Equalization Machine Available TR87-016 Marc Levoy Rendering of Surfaces from Volumetric Data Available TR87-015 Richard L. Holloway Head-Mounted Display Technical Report Available TR87-014 Gyula A. Mago; Donald F. Stanat The FFP Machine Available TR87-013 Thomas Cheek Palmer Docktool: A Dynamically Interactive Raster Graphics Visualization for the Molecular Docking Problem Available TR87-012 Lawrence Mark Lifshitz Image Segmentation via Multiresolution Extrema Following Available TR87-011 R. Kent Dybvig Three Implementation Models for Scheme Available TR87-010 Bharat Jayaraman; Gopal Gupta EqL's User's Guide Available TR87-009 Stephen M. Pizer; Henry Fuchs Three Dimensional Image Presentation Techniques in Medical Imaging Available TR87-008 Edwin McKenzie; Richard Snodgrass Supporting Valid Time: An Historical Algebra Available TR87-007 Frederick P. Brooks, Jr.; Helga Thorvaldsdottir Thirteenth Annual Report Interactive Graphics for Molecular Graphics System Available TR87-006 William Leler Specification and Generation of Constraint Satisfication Systems Available TR87-005 Gregory D. Abram Parallel Image Generation with Anti- Aliasing and Texting Available TR87-004 Stephen M. Pizer; Diane C. Rogers; R. Eugene Johnston; Effect of Ambient Light on Electronically Displayed Medical Images as Measured by Luminance Discrimination Thresholds Available TR87-003 Edwin McKenzie; Richard Snodgrass Scheme Evolution and the Relational Algebra Available TR87-002 Susan Gauch; Rich Hammer; Dale Krams; Teresa McBennett; Debby Lang Saltzman; An Evaluation of Factors Affecting Rotation Tasks in a Three-Dimensional Graphics System Available TR87-001 John H. Halton On a New Class of Independent Families of Linear Congruential Pseudo- Random Sequences Available TR86-028 Richard R. Morrill An Integrated Instrumentation Environment Available TR86-027 David J. Middleton Alternative Program Representations in the FFP Machine Available TR86-026 Stephen M. Pizer; William R. Oliver; John M. Gauch; Sandra H. Bloomberg Hierarchical Figure-Based Shape Description For Medical Imaging Available TR86-025 John B. Smith; Stephen F. Weiss; Gordon J. Ferguson; Jay D. Bolter; Marcy Lansman; David V. Beard WE: A Writing Environment for Professionals Available TR86-024 John H. Halton The Properties of Random Trees Available TR86-023 Frederick Allan Fisher A Family of Operating Systems in a Software Laboratory Available TR86-022 Stephen Edward Duncan An Integrated Approach to General Software Monitoring Available TR86-021 Frederick P. Brooks, Jr. Report on the 10th IFIP Congress Available TR86-020 Frederick P. Brooks, Jr. No Silver Bullet Essence and Accidents of Software Engineering Available TR86-019 Karen Shannon The Display of Temporal Information Available TR86-018 Ilsoo Ahn Performance Modeling and Access Methods for Temporal Database Management Systems Available TR86-017 John B. Smith; Stephen F. Weiss; Gordon J. Ferguson; MICROARRAS: An Overview Available TR86-016 Stephen M. Pizer; William R. Oliver; Sandra H. Bloomberg; Hierarchical Shape Description Via The Multiresolution Symmetric Axis Transform Available TR86-015 Frederick P. Brooks, Jr. People Are Our Most Important Product Available TR86-014 Jerry Kickenson An Interface Description Language Assertion Checker Available TR86-013 Stephen M. Pizer; E. Philip Amburn; John D. Austin; Robert Cromartie; Ari Geselowitz; Trey Greer; Bart ter Haar Romeny; John B. Zimmerman; Karel Zuiderveld; Adaptive Histogram Equalization and its Variations Available TR86-011 Larry Bergman; Henry Fuchs; Eric Grant; Susan Spach Image Rendering by Adaptive Refinement Available TR86-010 Stephen M. Pizer; John D. Austin; John R. Perry; Hal D. Safrit Adaptive Histogram Equalization for Automatic Contrast Enhancement of Medical Images Available TR86-009 Richard Snodgrass; Santigo Gomez Aggregates in the Temporal Query Language TQuel Available TR86-007 Frederick P. Brooks, Jr.; Michael Pique; Helga Thorvaldsdottir; Twelfth Annual Report Interactive Graphics for Molecular Studies Available TR86-006 Sandra H. Bloomberg A Representation of Solid Objects for Performing Boolean Operations Available TR86-005 E. Biagioni; G. Heiser; K. Hinrichs; C. Muller OSSI- A Portable Operating System Interface and Utility Library for Modula-2 Available TR86-004 S. M. Pizer; H. Fuchs; C. Mosher; L. Lifshitz; G.D. Abram; S. Ramanthan; B.T. Whitney; J. G. Rosenman; E.V. Staab; E.L. Chaney; G. W. Sherouse; 3D Shaded Graphics in Radio-Therapy and Diagnostic Imaging Available TR86-003 Jack Goldfeather; Jeff P.M. Hultquist; Hendry Fuchs; Fast Constructive-Solid Geometry Display in the Pixel-Powers Graphics System Available TR86-002 John D. Austin; Stephen M. Pizer A Multiprocessor Adaptive Histogram Equalization Machine Available TR86-001 Richard Snodgrass Filtering Monitoring Data Available TR85-036 John B. Smith Arras User's Manual Available TR85-035 Richard Snodgrass A Relational Approach to Monitoring Complex Systems Available TR85-033 Ilsoo Ahn; Richard Snodgrass Performance Evaluation of a Temporal Database Management System Available TR85-032 John H. Halton Mini-Course on Probability and Statistics Available TR85-031 John B. Smith; Stephen F. Weiss Formatting Texts Accessed Randomly Available TR85-030 Bharat Jayaraman Equational Programming: A Unifying Approach to Logic and Functional Programming Available TR85-029 John Burton Zimmerman The Effectiveness of Contrast Enhancement Available TR85-028 Lenwood Scott Heath Algorithms for Embedding Graphs in Books Available TR85-027 Richard Snodgrass; Ilsoo Ahn Temporal Databases Available TR85-026 Henry Fuchs; John Poulton Parallel Processing in Pixel-Planes, a VLSI Logic-Enhanced Memory for Raster Graphics Available TR85-025 Frederick P. Brooks, Jr.; Michael Pique; James S. Lipscomb; Eleventh Annual Report Interactive Graphics for Molecular Graphics System Available TR85-024 John H. Halton Triangulation Algorithms For Simple, Closed, Not Necessarily Convex, Polygons in the Plane Available TR85-022 Mark Levoy; Turner Whitted The Use of Points as a Display Primitive Available TR85-019 John H. Halton On the Effect of Selective Sterilization on Sex-Ratio Available TR85-018 Kye S. Hedlund Algorithms for the Electical Optimization of Digital MOS Circuits Available TR85-017 Richard Rutter Gross Using Software Technology To Specify Abstract Interfaces In VLSI Design Available TR85-016 Stephen M. Pizer; Jan J. Koenderink; Lawrence M. Lifshitz; Leendert Helmink; Antonie D.J. Kaasjager; An Image Description for Object Definition, Based on Extremal Regions in the Stack Available TR85-015 Andrew S. Glassner; Henry Fuchs Hardware Enhancements for Raster Graphics Available TR85-014 Vernon L. Chi The Terak Tester User's Guide Available TR85-013 Richard Snodgrass A Temporal Query Language Available TR85-012 David Middleton; Bruce T. Smith FFP machine support for language extensions Available TR85-011 David H. Holmes Three-Dimensional Depth Perception Enhancement by Dynamic Lighting Available TR85-010 David Middleton CSP/85 Manual Available TR85-009 Douglas B. Schiff GRINCH User's Manual Available TR85-008 John H. Halton Triangulation Algorithms For Simple, Closed, Not Necessarily Convex, Polygons in the Plane Available TR85-007 Stephen M. Pizer Systems for 3D Display in Medical Imaging Available TR85-006 Margaret F. Lospinuso Characterization and Analysis of Programmable Switch Designs Available TR85-005 Stephen M. Pizer Psychovisual Issues in the Display of Medical Images Available TR85-004 Richard Snodgrass; Ilsoo Ahn A Taxonomy of Time in Databases Available TR85-001 John Poulton; Henry Fuchs; John D. Austin; John G. Eyles; Justin Heinecke; Cheng-Hong Hsieh; Jack Goldfeather; Jeff P. Hultquist; Susan Spach; Pixel-Planes: Building a VLSI-Based Raster Graphics System Available TR84-010 Edward L. Jones Procedure-Level Program Modeling for Virtual Memory Performance Improvement Available TR84-009 Frederick P. Brooks, Jr.; Michael Pique; James S. Lipscomb; Tenth Annual Report Interactive Graphics for Molecular Graphics System Available TR84-008 Frederick P. Brooks, Jr.; Michael Pique; James S. Lipscomb; Tenth Annual Report Final Technical Report Interactive Graphics for Molecular Studies Available TR84-007 Frederick P. Brooks, Jr.; Major Richard R. Gross; Lenwood S. Health; Final Technical Report, SRC Contract 82-11-003, Transfer of Software Methodology to VLSI Design Available TR84-002 Gary Bishop Self-Tracker: A Smart Optical Sensor on Silicon Available TR83-007 Scott Harrison Danforth DOT: A Distributed Operating System Model of a Tree- Structured Multiprocessor Available TR83-06 Frederick P. Brooks, Jr.; Henry Fuchs; Michael Pique; Progress 1978-83 Proposal 1984-89 Interactive Graphics for Molecular Graphics System Available TR83-002 Frederick P. Brooks, Jr.; Michael Pique; James S. Lipscomb; Lynn F. TenEyck Ninth Annual Report Interactive Graphics for Molecular Graphics System Available TR82-012 Thomas Victor Williams A Man-Machine Interface for Interpreting Electron Density Maps Available TR82-006 Jeanne Clifford Sawyer An Archive Tape Processing System for the Triangle Research Libraries Network Available TR82-003 Philip Koltun Evaluation of a Teaching Approach for Introductory Computer Programming Available TR82-002 Roy Peredo Pargas Parallel Solution of Elliptic Partial Differential Equations on a Tree Machine Available TR82-001 Joseph Kitchings Parks A Comparison of Two Graphics Computer Designs Available TR81-017 Henry Fuchs; Gregory D. Abram; Eric D. Grant; Fast Scene Generation on General Purpose Raster Systems Available TR81-012 Dawn Elizabeth Janney Computerized Archaeological Specimen-Catalog Data Storage and Retrieval at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Available TR81-011 William P. Wilson, Jr. Performance Evaluation for Small Business Computers Available TR81-006 Donald F. Stanat; Gyula A. Mago Optimal Storage Management in a Cellular Computer Available TR81-005 Peter Calingaert A Conceptual Model of Text Editing and Formatting Available TR81-003 Lynn F. TenEyck Seventh Annual Report Interactive Graphics for Molecular Graphics System Available TR80-015 Frederick P. Brooks, Jr. Sixth Annual Report Interactive Graphics for Molecular Graphics System Available TR80-014 John McLean A Preliminary Study for the Formal Foundation of Trace Specifications Available TR80-013 D.M. Tolle; W.E. Siddall On the Complexity of Vector Computations in Binary Tree Machines Available TR80-012 John Douglas Walker An Interactive Payroll/Personnel Data Entry System Available TR80-011 Lee R. Nackman Curvature Relations in 3-D Symmetric Axes Available TR80-009 Jeffrey D. Liotta ML/I Macro Processor: Implementation in PL/I Available TR80-008 John E. Bishop The Portable DPL Compiler Project Available TR80-007 Stephen M. Pizer Intensity Mappings to Linearize Display Devices Available TR80-004 Paul C. Clements A Renovation of the UNC CAI System Available TR80-003 John H. Crawford; Mehdi Jazayeri On Operator Strength Reduction Available TR80-002 Mehdi Jazayeri; Diane Pozefsky A Space in the Alternating Semantic Evaluator Available TR79-024 Carlo Ghezzi; Mehdi Jazayeri Syntax Directed Symbolic Execution Available TR79-021 Henry Fuchs; Stephen M. Pizer; Jon S. Cohen; Frederick P. Brooks A Three-Dimensional Display for Medical Images from Slices Available TR79-018 Peter Calingaert Office Automation and Document Preparation Available TR79-011 Surry P. Everett The University of North Carolina Grade Posting System Available TR79-009 Frances T. Kerr Redmach Program Logic Manual Available TR79-008 James Sargent Lipscomb Three-Dimentional Cues for a Molecular Computer Graphics System Available TR79-005 Ganlin Jin A Pascal Cross-Compiler for a Microcomputer Available TR79-004 Henry Fuchs; Zvi M. Kedem Predetermining Visibility Priority in 3-D Scenes Available TR79-003 Frederick P. Brooks, Jr.; William V. Wright Fifth Annual Report Interactive Graphics for Molecular Graphics System Available TR79-002 Henry Fuchs; Brian W. Johnson An Expandable Multiprocessor Architecture for Video Graphics (Preliminary Report) Available TR78-014 David R. Kehs A Routing Network for Machine to Execute Reduction Languages Available TR78-005 Frederick P. Brooks, Jr. Progress 1976-78 Proposal 1979-84 Interactive Graphics for Molecular Graphics System Available TR78-002 Frederick P. Brooks, Jr. Fourth Annual Report Interactive Graphics for Molecular Graphics System Available TR77-012 Wolfram Bartussek; David L. Parnas Using Traces to Write Abstract Specifications for Software Modules Available TR77-005 Frederick P. Brooks, Jr. Third Annual Report Interactive Graphics for Molecular Graphics System Available TR76-103 Jon Louis Bentley Divide and Conquer Algorithms for Closest Point Problems in Multidimensional Space Available TR76-007 Alan D. Bernard Structured Programming Examples for use in an Introductory Business Programming Course Available TR76-004 Frederick P. Brooks, Jr. Second Annual Report Interactive Graphics for Molecular Graphics System Available TR75-003 Frederick P. Brooks, Jr.; Jon Bentley; Edward Britton; James Foley; Jan Hermans; James Lipscomb; James Robb; Joel Sussmann; William Wright; First Annual Report Molecular Graphics Project Available

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