Steve Tell

Until recently, I was a full-time senior research associate in the Microelectronic Systems Laboratory part of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. in the Department of Computer Science at UNC-CH.

This E-mail address will still reach me:

tell AT cs DOT unc DOT edu

Projects I worked on while at UNC

o FastLinks
Equalized 4 Gigabit per second signaling between CMOS ICs.
VLSI and system CAD tools guru, custom VLSI design, test fixture PCB designer, test software.
o PixelFlow
High speed rendering using image composition, The successor to the Pixel-Planes series of graphics systems. PixelFlow hardware development at UNC is over, and Hewlett-Packard's commercialization effort was killed by pointy-haired upper management. PixelFusion, Ltd is actively developing technology and chips based in part on these ideas.
VLSI and system CAD tools guru, custom toolsmith, Verilog simulation. etc.
A Chip and System for biological sequence matching.
Board designer, system software designer/developer, mailserver maintainer.
o VISTAnet
A Gigabit Testbed for Radiation Treatment Planning.
Pixel-Planes 5 HIPPI Network Interface hardware designer and programmer.

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