Files for public distribution

This is a small but hopefully growing collection of files, mostly software, that I'm making available. All files referenced from this page are freely distributable under various terms. Either I wrote them, and choose to place them in the public domain or under the GNU Public License, or they're in the public domain, or else their respective copyright holders give permission for distribution under various terms.

The Magic VLSI Layout System

Originaly written back in the 1980's at the University of California at Berkeley, Magic is still a great tool for custom layout. Magic is our tool of choice here at UNC. In the course of my work for the Microelectronic Systems Laboratory, I have made several modifications to magic that enhance its usefulness to us. If you find them useful too, that's great -- but as usual, there is no warranty of any kind.

Programs and program fragments I've written

Programs and program fragments written by others

Things in this section I didn't write and don't claim credit for. I might have fixed bugs or added features. I generally won't bother to put somthing here unless I use it.
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