Gwave - a waveform viewer


Gwave is a tool I am writing using the Gtk+ toolkit. Its purpose is for viewing analog data, such as the output of Spice simulations.

Gwave can read binary or ascii files written by HSpice from transient, AC, or Sweep analyses, and transient analysis files from the CAzM simulator. It can also read "raw" files from spice2G6, spice3F5 or ngspice, and a tabular ASCII format suitable for use with GnuCAP or homegrown tools.

It supports multiple "panels" (graticules) with multiple variables displayed in each. Two vertical-bar cursors are available for time-difference measurements. Multiple files can be loaded, for comparing results of several simulations.

Snapshot history


Screen Shot

Gwave in action


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In order to compile gwave, you'll need the following: For more information see the file INSTALL in the distribution tarball.


Gwave is distributed under the terms of the Free Software Foundation's General Public License.
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