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Flat Speaker vs. Conventional Speaker  

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Conventional Speaker

The new speaker is similar to a "normal" speaker (i.e. magnet-and-cone design), only smaller. Figure 5 provides examples and information about this type of miniature speaker.

conventional speaker info

Figure 5: Information about conventional speaker from Calrad catalog.

Figure 6 displays the results of the handheld speaker rotation experiment with a 20-224A speaker. Note that as the speaker is turned away from the microphone, the range fluctuations increase, but not as much as for the flat speaker. In addition, there are no sudden jumps as there were for the flat speaker (recall the shaded region of Figure 3).

conventional speaker range plot without error

Figure 6: Conventional speaker range plot without errors.

Figure 7 shows a sample correlation result for the experiment. Note that there is only one peak, as expected. This informal rotation experiment was run several times to convince us that the conventional speaker was operating (more or less) as expected. A more rigorous rotation experiment was later run. More details can be found here.

conventional speaker correlation with one peak

Figure 7: Correlation with one peak.

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