The Walkthru Project


Texture and Image-Based Techniques
Visibility Culling
Real-Time Realistic Rendering
Curved Surface Generation and Rendering
Virtual Environments

Texture and Image-Based Techniques
Andy Wilson ( 
Spatially Encoded Image-space Simplifications for Interactive Walkthrough
Ph.D., Fall 2002
Daniel Aliaga (
Automatically Reducing and Bounding Geometric Complexity by Using Images
Ph.D., Fall 1999
Current employment: Lucent Bell Labs
Bill Mark (
Post-Rendering 3D Image Warping: Visibility, Reconstruction and Performance for Depth-Image Warping (pdf)
Ph.D., Spring 1999
Current employment: Stanford University
Visibility Culling
Hansong Zhang (
Effective Occlusion Culling for the Interactive Display of Arbitrary Models (pdf)(ps)
Ph.D., Summer 1999
Current employment: Intrinsic Graphics
Carl Erikson (
Hierarchical Levels of Detail to Accelerate the Rendering of Large Static and Dynamic Polygonal Environments,
Ph.D., Spring 2000
Current employment: BOP
Jonathon Cohen (
Appearance Preserving Simplification of Polygonal Models
Ph.D., Fall 1998
Current employment: Johns Hopkins University
David Luebke (
View-Dependent Simplification of Arbitrary Polygonal Environments
Ph.D., Summer 1998
Current employment: Univesity of Virginia
Amitabh Varshney (
Hierarchical Geometric Approximations
Ph.D., Fall 1994
Current employment: SUNY, Stony Brook
Real-Time Realistic Rendering
Rui Bastos (
Superposition Rendering: Increased Realism for Interactive Walkthrough
Ph.D., Fall 1999.
Current employment: nVidia
Curved Surface Generation and Rendering
Shankar Krishnan (
Efficient and Accurate Boundary Evaluation Algorithms for Boolean Combinations of Sculpted Solids
Ph.D., Summer 1997.
Current employment: AT & T Research Labs
Subodh Kumar (
Interactive Rendering of Parametric Spline Surfaces
Ph.D., Fall 1996
Current employment: Johns Hopkins University
John Keyser (
Exact Boundary Evaluation for Curved Solids
Ph.D., Summer 2000
Current employment: Texas A & M University
Tim Culver (
Computing the Medial Axis of a Polyhedron Reliably and Efficiently
Ph.D., Fall 2000
Current employment: Think3 Inc.
Virtual Environments
Mark Mine (
Exploting Proprioception in Virtual-Environment Interaction
Ph.D. Summer 1997
Current employment: Disney Imagineering

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