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New 190 Million Face Model of a Boeing 777 - March 2003
New 190 Million Face, 233 Million Vertex Model

We have begun to explore massive model rendering techniques using this new model from the Boeing Corporation. For more information, click here.

Interactive Geometric Computations with Graphics Hardware course at SIGGRAPH - July 2002
Course on Interactive Geometric Computations with Graphics Hardware.

The course Interactive Geometric Computations Using Graphics Hardware was organized by Dinesh Manocha for this years ACM SIGGRAPH 2002 conference. Course notes and slides for the course are available HERE.

SWITCH was presented at NVIDIA-U - July 2002
SWITCH Presented at NVIDIA-U.

The SWITCH system was presented at NVIDIA-U help in July 2002 in San Antonio. The powerpoint slides from this presentation can be found here. More details regarding the SWITCH project can be found here.

ACM MM 2001 Best Paper Award - October 3, 2001
Best Paper Award at ACM Multimedia 2001

The paper "Spatially-Encoded Far-Field Representations for Interacctive Walkthroughs" by Andy Wilson, K. Mayer-Patel, and D. Manocha received the Best Paper Award at the ACM Multimedia 2001 Conference. More information about this work is available at the web site reference below.

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NSF News - May 22, 2001
"Walkthru Project" Renders Real-Time 3D Models for Engineering and Architecture

Computer scientists at the University of North Carolina (UNC) are helping architects and engineers to create extremely detailed virtual structures that designers can "walk through," letting them head off potential problems before a spade of dirt is overturned or a bolt is fastened.

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