The Walkthru Project


We would like to thank those who have been able to share their models with us.  The availability of these models has been a major motivation for our research.

Double Eagle Tanker
The Double Eagle Tanker is a double-hulled tanker ship. Received in the fall of 1999, it is our largest model, consisting of 82 million triangles.  It is highly tessellated, and contains many artifacts from its original CSG representaton.  Its size taxes the limits of our current computing resources in terms of memory, CPU, disk I/O, and grahpics hardware.

Model provided courtesy of Newport News Shipbuilding

Power Plant
The Power Plant is a coal-firing plant consisting of 13 million triangles (15 million triangles using triangle strips).  Although not our largest model, it has a number of characteristics that present particular challenges in applying speed-up techniques for interactive rendering.

This model is now publically available.  

Brooks House
We have a detailed house model that was used in the design of a house that has now been built.  The model is used for reseach in virtual reality and interactive, photo-realistic rendering.  It is a radiositized model including components of hybrid reality, mirror reflections, and glossy reflections.
Torpedo Room
This model shows the torpedo room for a naval submarine.  It contains 883,537 triangles in 356 objects.

Model provided courtesy of Greg Angelini, Jim Boudreaux, and Ken Fast at Electric Boat, a subsidiary of General Dynamics.

Auxiliary Machine Room
This model of the submarine's auxiliary machine room contains 632,252 polygons.

Model provided courtesy of Greg Angelini, Jim Boudreaux, and Ken Fast at Electric Boat, a subsidiary of General Dynamics.

Chinese Garden - Architectural Model
Containing  38,750 Bezier patches, this model has been used to explore techniques for interactive rendering of curved surfaces.  The animal models are composed of 2678 Bezier patches.

Model provided courtesy of Lifeng Want and the modeling group at the University of British Columbia and Xing Xing Graphics Co.

Ford Bronco
The Ford Bronco consists of 74,308 triangles in 466 objects.

Model provided courtesy of Division, Inc. and Viewpoint

Sierra Terrain
This terrain model consists of 162,690 triangles.  This particular image shows how it has been used in study of simplification techniques.

Model provided courtesy of Herman Towles and Sun Microsystems

Bradley Fighting Vehicle
A CSG model with over 5000 solids, this model has been used primarily for exploring methods of converting CSG models to a boundary representation.

Model provided courtesy of Army Labs 

Cassini Spacecraft 
This model contains 349,281 polygons in 127 objects.  It was featured on the cover of the 1999 Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics.

Model provided courtesy of Stephen Wall, Gary Clough, Don Jacob, and the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.


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