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QGLVUContext Class Reference

A specialization of QGLContext to allow advanced context usage. More...

#include <qglvucontext.h>

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Public Methods

 QGLVUContext (const QGLFormat &format, QPaintDevice *device)
virtual ~QGLVUContext ()
virtual void doneCurrent ()

Detailed Description

A specialization of QGLContext to allow advanced context usage.

This specialization exposes a public doneCurrent() method. This allows the user to tell the context that it is no longer active. This is necessary when the active context is switched away from a QGLContext without it knowing, as can be done when calling wglMakeCurrent(). The reason for this is to allow the use of the pbuffer WGL extension, which requires calling wglMakeCurrent with the pbuffer device and context as arguments.

QGLVUWidget uses a QGLVUContext by default, by calling setContext() to a new QGLVUContext in its constructor. For this reason, the user usually need not worry about this class, other than to be aware of it and the proper use of QGLVUWidget::DoneCurrent() and QGLVUWidget::MakeContextCurrent().

Member Function Documentation

virtual void QGLVUContext::doneCurrent   [inline, virtual]

Exposes QGLContext::doneCurrent() as a public method.

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