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class  QGLVUWidget
 A QGLWidget with 3D graphics viewer features. More...

class  QGLVUWindow
 QGLVUWindow class. More...

Detailed Description

QGLVU is a C++/OpenGL/Qt viewer library that supports many of the common functions needed by graphics programmers. It is built on top of GLVU, a similar toolkit written by Kenny Hoff, Bill Baxter, Wes Hunt, and others. Where GLVU uses GLUT for its windowing and user interface, QGLVU uses the more rich and object-oriented Qt.

Like GLVU, QGLVU provides efficient matrix and vector math classes, a powerful camera class, image support (through both GLVU and Qt), path recording and playback, timers, flexible and powerful mouse input and navigation, and more. See the Screenshots or QGLVUWidget sections for a taste.


Mark Harris <harrism at>
Bill Baxter <bill at> and the other original authors of GLVU:
Kenny Hoff <hoff at>
Wes Hunt <hunt at>
(apologies to those forgotten).


Currently access is via CVS only within UNC computer science. Set your cvs repository to ~walk/cvs and checkout modules glvu_all and glvu/qglvu.

Web downloads are available here.


Install notes are on a separate page, Installation.


Screenshots are on a separate page, Screenshots.
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