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GLVU is a collection of C++/OpenGL viewer libraries that support many of the common functions needed by graphics programmers. It was written by Kenny Hoff, Bill Baxter, Wes Hunt, Mark Harris and others.

GLVU provides efficient matrix and vector math classes, a powerful camera class, image support, path recording and playback, timers, flexible and powerful mouse input and navigation, and more. See the Screenshots or QGLVUWidget sections for a taste.

There are two flavors of GLVU to choose from, the first is what you might call "GLVU classic" which uses GLUT as the underlying windowing toolkit. Now there is also QGLVU, which replaces the GLUT windowing layer with the more rich and object-oriented Qt.


Kenny Hoff <hoff at> , Bill Baxter <baxter at> , Wes Hunt <hunt at> , Mark Harris <harrism at>

(apologies to those forgotten).


Currently access is via CVS only within UNC computer science. Set your cvs repository to ~walk/cvs and checkout modules glvu_all and glvu/qglvu.

Web downloads are available here.


Install notes are on a separate page, Installation.


Screenshots are on a separate page, Screenshots.

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