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1 Introduction

GLVU is an OpenGL/GLUT - based viewer written in C++. GLVU was written to keep OpenGL programmers from reinventing the wheel – writing a new viewer – for each and every new program. In addition, GLVU’s object-oriented design gives programmers an encapsulated OpenGL viewer and allows them to encapsulate their rendering and object-management functionality. In fact, classes (and groups of classes) which implement several rendering techniques are already available as add-ons to the basic GLVU viewer.

Since GLVU is based upon GLUT, the basic GLVU viewing system supports the functionality provided by GLUT, as well as some additional features:

This document is intended to serve as both a programmers’ guide and a reference manual. The following sections each cover a GLVU class or a set of GLVU functions grouped by functionality. Each section begins with an overview of the class or group followed by detailed descriptions of each routine in the class or group.

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