Weizi Li: Research

ADAPS: Autonomous Driving Via Principled Simulations
Technical Report, 2018

A Compressive Sensing Approach for Connected Vehicle Data Capture and Recovery and its Impact on Travel Time Estimation
Transportation Research Board 98th Annual Meeting, 2019

Estimating Urban Traffic States Using Iterative Refinement and Wardrop Equilibria
IET Intelligent Transport Systems, 2018

Estimating Traffic Conditions At Metropolitan Scale Using Traffic Flow Theory
Transportation Research Board 97th Annual Meeting, 2018

City-Scale Traffic Animation Using Statistical Learning and Metamodel-based Optimization
SIGGRAPH Asia, 2017

Citywide Estimation of Traffic Dynamics Via Sparse GPS Traces
IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Magazine, 2017

Parameterized Memory Models / Individual Differences
Virtual Crowds: Steps Toward Behavioral Realism, 2015

Virtualized Traffic at Metropolitan Scales
Frontiers in Robotics and AI, 2015

Biologically-Inspired Visual Simulation of Insect Swarms
Eurographics, 2015

Using a Parameterized Memory Model to Modulate NPC AI
Intelligent Virtual Agents, 2013

Virtual Humans: Evolving with Common Sense
Motion in Games, 2012

The Virtual Apprentice
Intelligent Virtual Agents, 2012

Crowd Distribution and Location Preference
Computer Animation and Social Agents, 2012

Populations with Purpose
Motion in Games, 2011