Entourage X Script Menu Script
(File "My Calendar...\moC")


Use at your own risk. I will not be held responsible for any difficulties/problems encountered as a result of using this AppleScript. Nor will UNC-Chapel Hill (I am sure). I am happy to hear bug reports, constructive suggestions, or thanks.


I got tired of always typing a note in my email about the availability of my Events2Web calendar, so I wrote an applescript to insert a "canned" message into the body of an email message.


  1. Double-click the script file "My Calendar...\moC" and Apple's Script Editor application will launch. Change the calendarURL property to that of your calendar, and optinally customize the calendarMsg property.
  2. Place the script inside your "Entourage Script Menu Items" folder, which is inside the "Microsoft User Data" folder, which is inside your "Documents" folder.


  1. While composing/editing an Entourage X email message, place the cursor where you want the calendar message to appears.
  2. Select "My Calendar..." from the script menu (see below), or alternatively press <Command><Option><c> (press all three key simultaneously).

Last updated Wed, Jun 26, 2002