COMP 6D-001 Fall 2003, Final Projects

Click on any image below to see the corresponding movie. The animations are listed alphabetically by last name. Any awards are noted to the right.

See also work by Lab Assistant Meghan Dickenson, Prof. Greg Welch, and the "movie credits" for the course.

Bathroom Fight, by Melissa Adelman

In "Bathroom Fight," we see what could happen inside of a bathroom when no one is looking. When a shampoo bottle decides that it would be funny to jump onto a toothpaste tube, squishing him, the shampoo learns that there are consequences to her actions. The toothpaste tube is angry and a quarrel between the two bathroom objects leads to the shampoo bottle rolling into the sink. She cries for help, but will the toothpaste tube save her after committing this act of malice? The objects must discover the power of teamwork and forgiveness in order to overcome their obstacle.

What a Walk, by Laura Cajacob

Honorable Mention

In "What a Walk", we follow a little boy's shoes on quite a journey. The boy ventures around his neighborhood causing ruckus for some of the creatures around town. The walk begins in a bathroom and ends with a sticky twist. In "What a Walk", what goes around definitely comes around.

The Real Stars of the Show, by Andrew Carlberg

"The Real Stars of the Show" highlights how a tripod, camera and cord assemble themselves for an Academy Awards broadcast. After an apathetic cameraman leaves his post moments before the show is to air live to the world, the cord puts its flexiblity to use, creating the proper setup for filming the telecast. The objects pull it off and the audience realizes the real stars at the Academy Awards are those not on camera.

A Snowballing Conflict, by Micah Chiles

A small gathering of snowballs enjoy the snow and play around by starting a snow fight. Everything was purely fun until the snowballs heard a loud sound in the distance. To the suprise of the small snowballs, the loud sound belongs to an incoming snowman. The snowballs band together and form another snowman. The two snowballs have a critical showdown to decide the territory.

Television Zombie, by Kagney Colbert-Carr

This movie is about a man who, from the sound of the music, is living in a strange, yet real, world. He starts off in his living room where he slowly proceeds to his hallway. Once he walks down the long corridor, he stops at a door and opens it. When he enters the room, the world has completely changed. There is no longer that sad, somber music; it is replaced with upbeat tunes. After performing some basic exercise moves with men who look identical to him, further emphasizing the imaginary world, the man is seen walking back down the hallway. Once again the gloomy music is playing, symbolizing he is back to his distressing life.

Gumby's Revenge, by Nicholas Coleman

The blockheads and Gumby face off once again. In an evil plot to flatten their competition, the blockheads spot a giant roller and cause as much destruction as possible on their way to Gumby. The commotion the blockheads cause takes away the element of surprise and gives Gumby a chance to flee the scene. Hot on his tail, the blockheads think they won when the roll over Gumby. Gumby emerges from his melted state and shows the blockheads that one should never celebrate too early.

Scribblings, by Delana Dameron

First place (tie)

In a toy's world, a lot can go on when left unattended. The child's room can then become a place for the making of a masterpiece. Attempting to impress one another to take up the coveted space of a child's coloring book, they struggle and compete only to realize that it is through teamwork that the crayons will be able to produce the best results.

The Search for the Missing Feather, by Meredith Darlington

Second place (tie)

“The Search for the Missing Feather” opens in an art museum. As soon everyone leaves for the night, a particular artifact comes to life. He is brought back to his native land to search for the great feather missing from his headdress. Now complete, he can peacefully return to his museum lifestyle.

Non-Alcoholic Beer, by Taylor Harrison


Super Mario's World, by Ted Huang

Honorable Mention

This movie follows the crazy adventures of Super Mario as he stomps and jumps his way through Super Mario World, trying to avoid danger and beat his enemies to make it to the end. Along his way, Mario encounters the Goomba monster and the sneaky Plant Monster. He defeats both and successfully traverses the treacherous landscape. However, there is a twist at the ending of the movie as Super Mario crosses over to another world, a world he is not familiar with but we are….

The Balloon Adventure, by Lindsey Hynds

In a dark moonlit field, all the hot air balloons are asleep. One particular balloon then begins to dream of a bright sunny day. It dreams that it is out flying around up in the sky with the clouds. Then out of nowhere an airplane zooms by, pushing the hot air balloon over the mountains. On this other side of the mountains everything is dark and scary. The scared balloon flies around trying to find its way back over the mountains to go home.

3 Fast and 3 Furious, by Jameson Lopp

Honorable Mention

Three exotic cars race along a highway in outer space. Where are they going? What's the point? Days seem to pass as they strive for the lead. The intensity builds as their aggression nearly leads to disaster, but eventually the true situation is revealed.

Acting Hardships, by Daniel Lunk

Honorable Mention

Acting Hardships is about a seasoned and snobby actor from Antarctica. This actor is actually a penguin who is somewhat irritated with the set he is currently working on. A group of very unprofessional and untalented film makers are trying to make it to the silver screen by exploiting the talents of the penguin actor. However, during the filming of a scene, the amateur tendencies of the film makers become apparent. During each take of this scene, there is some sort of humorous accident that prevents the scene from being completed.

Abduction Gone Awry, by Patrick Lyons

Honorable Mention

In "Abduction Gone Awry," an innocent group of pacifistic Meeps are trying to live out their nonviolent lives. They inhabit their home planet of Meep, located within the Alpha Centauri system. When an alien abductor lands on their planet, the non-confrontational Meeps make a quick exit. But when one trips and is taken by the alien, the Meeps must come together to save their friend.

The Creative Crayola, by Jonathan Mayberry

Honorable Mention

In "The Creative Crayola," an older version of a crayon attempts to make friends with two new and improved crayons. As he fails time after time to make new acquaintances, he keeps getting more and more creative....

The Dance of the Candy Canes, by Crystal Pierce

Honorable Mention

One flirty lady candy cane between two male candy canes results in a jealous tug of war between the good and the bad with Lady Candy Cane as the trophy! Good triumphs over evil in “The Dance of the Candy Canes”, a holiday story that involves the coming to life of three candy canes when no one is around.

Revenge of the G.E.E.K.S.: the Downfall of the Evil Paperclip, by Michael Stewart

Second place (tie)

So, six geeks are friends and also happen to be super heroes they are the G.E.E.K.S. (G.E.E.K.S. Eradicating Extremely Kludgy Software). They are at a LAN (Local Area Network) party in one of their basements. One of the geeks dies (in the game) and decides to quickly type a paper for a homework assignment. All is going well until the EVIL PAPERCLIP (Microsoft’s Office Assistant) begins to halt the geek’s productivity. In desperation he calls upon his fellow G.E.E.K.S. to assist his extermination of the EVIL PAPERCLIP. They activate their super hacking powers and all put on their VR headsets, to enter the VR world where they will vanquish the EVIL PAPERCLIP…or do they?

A Security Hole, by Brian Sweeney

A curious programmer stumbles across access to data he should have never seen in “A Security Hole.” His secluded basement world is suddenly transformed as he is thrust into a position of deciding his own fate.

The Pretty Duckling, by Robert (Joel) Wiggins

First place (tie)

Love makes us all do crazy things. Even kiddie toys in the bathroom can risk their own lives for love! One day a little round doll named Jack spots a rubber duck on the other side of the bathroom and falls absolutely head-over-heels for her. Jack won't let anything stand in his way to reach the girl of his dreams. From toothbrushes to toilet flushes, this is one adventure you'll never forget.

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