If you are unsure about whether or not to register for this course, read this.

You must register for the lecture and one recitation. If you need help see the Registrar's web page on the process.

3.0 credit hours
(register for this)
14-001/22454, M-W 3:00-4:15 PM, AR121 (welch)
0.0 credit hours

(register for one)
14-601/22455, F 11:00-11:50 AM, SN14 (staff)
14-602/22456, F 12:00-12:50 PM, SN14 (staff)
14-603/22457, F 1:00-1:50 PM, SN14 (staff)
14-604/22458, F 2:00-2:50 PM, SN14 (staff)
14-605/22459, F 3:00-3:50 PM, SN14 (staff)
14-606/22460, F 4:00-4:50 PM, SN14 (staff)

If the course is full (all 240 seats taken) and thus automatically closed to registration, and you want or need to take this class, please use the "waitlist" registration option (see the Registrar's Registration web page, and the online or phone instructions) and come to class on the first day. There are typically a lot of drop/adds at the start and so hopefully you will make it in. If you have some extenuating circumstances, e.g., you are a freshman who wants to major in C.S. or a senior who needs to get out of here, we'll see what we can do.

Updated: Monday, December 9, 2002