COMP 061 Spring 2007, Final Projects

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Too Hot to Handle
by Erin Black

When a 2D lizard enters a 3D world, his adventures take a dangerous turn. As the heat turns up, will he be able to cope? Or will it become...Too Hot to Handle?

The Ninja’s Sword
by Jordan Branch

Second Place (tie)

The Ninja’s Sword is an epic adventure that tells the story of a young Ninja who breaks in to an office building in order to retrieve a family heirloom. As the Ninja searches for his lost sword, he must sneak through the office building without being detected. When the alarm in the office begins to sound, the Ninja must quickly think of a means to escape.

The Love Guide Book
by Nathan Burris

A bug, Tom, loves another bug, Jane. Tom is not sure how to approach her, so he spends his day watching her from a tree. Unfortunately, Jane has other suitors. She will not wait for him forever. The time has come for Tom to make a move. In order to win her affection, Tom uses a helpful but cynical guide book. Can this guide book actually help him in his quest for love?

Can Pigs Really Fly?
by Melanie Collins

The story begins during the wee hours before dawn. A pig is sleeping peacefully in the barn while the early morning birds cheerily chirp. He dreams that he is talking with a chick that lives on the farm. The chick and the pig are arguing about whether or not the pig can fly, and then the chick dares the pig to climb the tree and fly. So, the pig makes his daring move to the tree, and on his way there, he encounters a brief fantasy moment of the tree. The pig then proceeds with his mission and climbs the tree. Once on the branch, he hesitantly looks out over the land, but then jumps and flies! In the end it is all a dream, but the pig is happily and peacefully asleep!

by Yorick De Visser

Second Place (tie)

This is the story of a cube…who is about to become…"Cube Man." The unexpected birth leads to a journey into the violent world of boxing. The tragic story of how "Cube Man" is defeated by "Evil Cube Man" in a fight to the finish. His memories flash before his eyes when he realizes it was all a dream...or was it?

A Desert Dilemma
by Leigh Edmonson

The ideas of this cactus aren’t enough to cool him down in the sweltering heat of the desert. He is often let down by the realization that his ideas will, in fact, not work—at least, until one plan gets to the source of the problem.

The Curious Kitten
by Rachael Francis

A curious kitten enjoys a day in the forest romping and chasing a grasshopper. However, the great outdoors might hold a few surprises for this curious kitten.

Anything Goghs
by Ashton Henderson

Honorable Mention

In "Anything Goghs" we find ourselves in the studio of a man struggling to find a muse or inspiration for his next great work of art. All day he stares at the blank canvas in front of him, but nothing comes to mind. Finally, he leaves the room in frustration. Little does he know, his art supplies have a mind of their own, and in his absence they zip playfully around the studio. Upon hearing the man’s footsteps, the supplies dash to make it back to their original positions. What will the man find when he returns to the room? Well, anything goes.

The Rain is a Comin'
by Matthew Kaczmarski

We get an introduction pan around of the maker and then it views to gum. We see an attempt to get an umbrella out of a lemonade glass before it begins to rain, but find out it take more than just one person. After their first attempt with two they bring another and succeed in getting the umbrella.

Trouble at Sea
by Joshua Podolnick

First Place

A pirate ship begins attacking ships and other dangerous things out on the open ocean, but everything is not as it appears.

Who's Eating Who???
by Lloyd Ross

"Who’s Eating Who???" vibrantly illustrates the harsh reality of the food chain in the animated world. Anything is bound to happen out in these wild, uncharted waters. If you’re a fan of Final Fantasy VII, get ready to rock out to some sick tunes, including both selections of the famous battle music. With a totally original storyline and carefully modeled characters, "Who’s Eating Who???" makes fiction a reality. Watch this video, and you’ll see why an appetite is sometimes much bigger than expected.

Plug it In
by William Scotten

Honorable Mention

Does love really conquer all? Find out in "Plug It In." an electrifying tale of passion between a cord and an outlet as another cord tries to steal the lady outlet from our friend. Who will spark a love deep within the outlet and win her heart? Will one cord surrender? Will the archenemy cord generate a love within the outlet by using his good looks and charm? You'll have to watch to find out!

The Viola
by Adam Sheesley

Second Place (tie)

In "The Viola" we see the outer stage lights come on one by one. When they finish the camera changes to a wide view of the stage upon which a viola sits in a spotlight. The phantasmal viola then rises and begins to play a haunting melody which echoes through the concert hall and into the depths of the souls of all that hear its ghostly song. [Note from Prof. Welch, May 14, 2007: Adam and I are working on adding viola and bow motion from motion capture data.]

The Good, The Bad, and the Fluffy
by Alexander Stephens

Honorable Mention

When evil lurks at the other end of the bed, doing nothing spells destruction. But who will rise to this monumental challenge? One pillow must come forward to restore peace to the bedroom. In an epic struggle of Good vs. Bad, things will get fluffy.

The Golden Days
by Marco Torelli

Honorable Mention

Stick Stickly returns, after a 10 year absence, to star in an unforgettable (and nostalgic) journey about the forgotten past.

Cookin’ Up Some Fun!
by Nicole Wyche

In an ordinary kitchen, not much different from your own, the ingredients of a cookout around the counters roam. The French fries dance to the stereo’s tunes; the burger patty makes the frying pan swoon. The bun is there to catch the patty’s fall, but the attention is stolen by the tomatoes having a ball. After they dance the lettuce follows suit, but don’t assume that the cheese is mute. It is the final topper to this delectable dish, and as T.I. says, "What you know about 'dis?"

The Empty Theater
by Sarah Younger

In an Empty Theater, an Ipod comes to life, and daydreams about the lovely Ms. Buttercup. However, even in his dreams the beautiful Ms. Buttercup spurns his affection. After having his dreams shattered by Ms. Buttercup how does an Ipod heal a broken heart?

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