Building and Grounds Committee Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, January 10, 2001



In Attendance: Bill Baxter, Katrina Coble, Fred Jordan, Eileen Kupstas Soo, Ketan Mayer-Patel, Tim Quigg (chair), Leandra Vicci, John Smith, John Thomas, Brian White


SN011 (Mayer-Patel)

Sitterson 011 now has a full console makeover and currently the system is being evaluated - so far everyone seems to like it. The sconces will be dealt with on the side.

Some suggestions about the system were made:

        Get rid of the hand held cut off

        Change data to read PC screen in order to eliminate confusion

        Rear and front screens are not obvious until they are hot

Ketan reemphasized that features can be added.


The committee applauded the work that has been done on this project and for David Musicks hard work and contribution to the project. Any comments should be directed to either David Musick (musick) or (help).


Tim then questioned, Should we begin to think about 014? Maybe improve what we currently have and recognize that this is the direction that we are headed. Tim charged that the SN011 Committee now be the SN011/SN014 Committee.


Sittsouth (Quigg)

After returning from the holidays, Tim learned that the Chancellor had decided to slow the process down to reconsider the entire issue. This project is starting over as far as the University is concerned. A new overall building committee (to include the entire campus) has been established and will be headed by the Provost. Tim is uncertain if this committee is a replacement of or in addition to Royce Murrays committee. What is clear is that the old approach is no longer being considered.


Fred Brooks subcommittee will continue with work so that we will be in a position to specify what we need and be able to argue our points in order to make a successful presentation. The architects, Perkins and ???, out of Atlanta visited Friday a week ago. They have the architectural plans for the Computer Science Building at NC State, which is double the size of Sitterson (150,000 sq. ft. net). They were here to learn about what we like and dislike about Sitterson. The architect was told that the University is looking for architectural firms that can present alternatives to Phases 1 and 2 (swing space). There is also a strong desire to look at connecting all the sciences buildings. This will require a need to address security issues as well as the possibility of shared facilities (i.e., loading dock- first rate, meeting rooms, etc.).




Trashcan Outside Sitterson (White)

Brian feels there is a need for a trashcan at the exit on the Northeast side of the building. The cigarette bin is always full of trash. It is the same at the Northwest end of the building, but it is worse at the Northeast end. Tim suggested that we get a trashcan for both.


Fred Jordan will look into this issue.


General Wear and Tear of Building (Kupstas-Soo)

Eileen had relatives visiting the building recently and she was quite embarrassed. They noticed dirty areas and wear and tear areas of the building:

        Kick plates dirty with scuffs and tears

        Beneath key card plates very dirty

        Stairwells not very attractive and dirty

        Wallpaper tears a project is already underway. Tim brought up overhang in the lobby where the wallpaper is stained is a result of wallpaper paste. The only fix is to replace or paint over it like was done with the North wall where there was water damage. You cant tell that it is painted and not wallpaper. The paint was matched to the wallpaper perfectly. There was consensus that we paint the overhang in the lobby.

        Doors and molding need painting badly scuffed.

        General cleanliness of the building housekeeping issue. Tim and Katrina will meet with Housing supervisor to discuss. Discuss Spring and Fall cleanings in addition to general cleaning.


In your spare time, walk the lobby and building and send email to Tim of areas that you feel need sprucing up.


It was reported that the water fountain in the lobby runs all the time. Fred Jordan will look into this issue as well.


Building Access for Spouses (Baxter)

There are times when the faculty, staff, or student spouses need to get in the building after 5 pm and it would be helpful if they had a key card of their own to prevent them from waiting outside the building in the dark where there are possibly unsavory characters, etc. The committee felt it would be ok for special cases, not for all spouses. Maybe create a form that requests user information and the reason for requesting a spouse key card and then get approval. The committee agreed that we need to first establish a policy. Therefore, Tim appointed a B&G subcommittee headed by Bill Baxter and including Brian White and Ketan Mayer-Patel to get together and bring some criteria for a policy back to the next meeting.


John Smith wondered if there was some electronic alternative to the big bulky cards that we currently have. Fred Jordan will check on it.