Action Items: Jan. 24, 2001


[PROD] send me email w/ ROLES of team members by January 20

[PROD] pick up scheduling software from front desk

[PROD] decide weekly project meeting time

[ADMIN] schedule first meeting with client within one week

[ADMIN] name tags w/ role titles for team members

[LIB] team "Project Web I" URL to Client and BOSS

[PROD/DIR] "Preliminary Report" (Jan 25) to BOSS




[PROD]  Schedule I

[PROD/DIR] Contract I

[ALL] send programming skills, experience, and task preferences to DIR

[PROD] contact client group manager

[QA] investigate tiff to jpeg conversion and scripting langs

[DIR] investigate java server and system calls in C++

[PROD] install and learn MS Project

[DIR] reserve new space for weekly meeting