Action Items: Jan. 31, 2001


[ALL] send programming skills, experience, and task preferences to DIR

[PROD] contact client group manager

[PROD] install MS Project

[DIR] reserve new space for weekly meeting


[PROD]  schedule I (rescheduled, included in contract)

[QA] investigate tiff to jpeg conversion and scripting languages

[DIR] investigate Java server and system calls in C++


[DIR] write user requirements and specifications for Contract I

[LIB] write / edit preface, intro, and glossary for Contract I

[LIB] assemble Contact I

[QA] write system requirements and specifications for Contract I

[QA / PROD] investigate choice of Perl vs C++ for autoIndex

[PROD] arrange additional demo or experimentation time on client system

[DIR] find web server space in department, try to coordinate with other teams