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Prof. Russell Taylor (, 962-1701)

In the course of their research, our collaborators generate a LOT of data from experiments pushing around tiny objects (viruses, carbon nanotubes, DNA, etc). The current indexing scheme is very ad-hoc, organized sometimes by user and date. Also, the contents of the data files are not visible without running through them. We'd like to change that. A team who was attacking this problem would:

  1. Modify the existing application that plays the files so that it generates images periodically throughout the file, showing what happened. 
  2. Write shell scripts or other code to turn these images into thumbnail Jpeg files, organized by which data file they came from. 
  3. Construct a web-based framework that can be used to browse through the directory structure, displaying the index images. 

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Project Members and Contact Info

Director: Jeff Adams    919.782.4477

Producer / Admin.: Jeff Townsend    919.960.2699

Librarian / Admin.: Glenn Jessup    919.914.2833

Quality Leader: Brian Boyd    919.969.8453

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Team Meeting

Where: Sitterson Lobby or Sitterson 277

When: 3 p.m. Wednesday

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