Weekly Minutes

For Comp 145 - Team 3 nanoManipulator Index

Apr. 4, 2001

Attended by: Jeff Adams, Brian Boyd, Glenn Jessup, and Jeff Townsend At Sitterson Graphics Lab and Sitterson 277

3:00 pm

Meeting with David Marshburn

Demonstrated NanoManipulator Viewer modifications, running (command line), and comment period

Modifications going smoothly thus far - near completion

Command Line: nano -i<run rate> <filename> -index

Question: Auto closing of nano program after index ran?

Being looked into

3:38 pm

Post-Marshburn follow up of project

Updated Glenn Jessup on decisions made from last meeting

(Primarily 5 digit time stamp used to name JPEG files)

Determined Unix profiles unable to identify correct java paths

Being looked into

3:50 pm

Minutes taken by Glenn Jessup