Weekly Minutes

For Comp 145 - Team 3 nanoManipulator Index

Apr. 11, 2001

Attended by: Jeff Adams, Brian Boyd, Glenn Jessup, and Jeff Townsend At Sitterson 277

3:00 pm

User Manual Discussion

Coming up -- beginning to prepare for writing the User Manual

Background for HTML pages?

Jeff A. desires NI background from nanoManipulator homepage

Glenn desires plain single color background

Desired: NI_ moved to front of file names instead of current implementation of _NI at end of file names

java version 1.3 or 1.1

Our program was developed with 1.3 in mind, however, the current (broken) version of java is 1.1

Conclusion: require java 1.2 or higher

Shell profile discussion

needs more info to update shells to proper versions and paths

Decided: Need another Marshburn Presentation

3:41 pm

Minutes taken by Glenn Jessup