Weekly Minutes

For Comp 145 - Team 3 nanoManipulator Index

Apr. 23, 2001

Attended by: Jeff Adams, Brian Boyd, Glenn Jessup, and Jeff Townsend At Sitterson 014

3:00 pm

Presentation assignments:

Overview - Jeff A.

Control Structure Diagram

Demo - Would like to get XWin running on Sitterson 014 machine... unable to comply at present due to allowable number of keys per network (only allowed 1)

Part 1 - Running the program - Brian -- is able to be run from other sources (telnet)

Part 2 - Webpage - Glenn -- needs webpage material put in public html space for internet access

Horror stories (a.k.a. Commentary) - Jeff T.

State of Nano? 

Brian's checking this afternoon with Marshburn

3:30 pm

Minutes taken by Glenn Jessup