Weekly Minutes

Feb 7, 2001

Began 3:02 pm

Next Client meeting: week after the 19th (aka, the 26th)
Action Items
Perl vs. C++ vs. Java
Design Debates

while files or dir unprocessed 

if dir and recur then index (dir, r) 

// file 

else if file has #VRPN make HTML and open for append 

run viewer

 while there are indexed Tiffs left check min. space 

convert -> jpeg 

delete tiffs 

add link to HTML 

close HTML (read me) 


Viewer must: - handle full dir - sequence tiffs in order 

videoname.nms or .vpr





C++ bagged - Issue between Perl and Java
Dual Prototyping: Java and Perl

Ended 4:22 pm