Weekly Minutes

Jan 24, 2001

Began 3:00 pm

Discussed rough draft of the Preliminary Report and Options Ratings
Package Options
Discussion of which options should be left in our preliminary report, and which options needed a change in rating.
Our Idea of the project compared to our idea of the Clients Concept
Picture Taking: Us or Them? -- Determined the client probably wants our program to take automatic pictures at specified points of the playback file
How to take pictures -- again determined that the client wants an option to choose "gray" or "color" before creating the pictures
When to convert the file -- Automatic conversion happened when indexer is ran
Preference File? -- Have a separate file created by the program which holds user option info for our auto-indexer to access and use in the indexing process
Tiff to JPEG format product needed
Need to determine how client files are set up
Where do we put indexable JPEGs? -- determined a separate folder would be the best place
Does the auto-indexer need to be on the web or not? -- undecided thus far
Determined the 3 separate parts of our product
Shell Script to run auto-indexer at a particular time
Web Search
Who needs access to the project? -- Internal group, or external
Determined Possible/Probable Client Precondition -- client must manipulate their current data program to facilitate auto-indexer JPEG creation.
WebSearch -- probably to be a JAVA or JAVA type program
Shell Script -- probably to be PERL
Auto Index -- Undecided (delegated to Brian to explore options)
Need to know how their program runs
Repeat need for client to add automatic Tiff taker for auto-index conversion to JPEG
Bi-weekly client meeting -- ? - Probably to be Mondays at 8:30 am
nanoManipulator project team meeting -- Tuesdays at 11:00 am
Created New Action Items (to be put on Action Item Page when compiled)
Discussed booking a room for the weekly meetings (delegated to Jeff A.)
Discussion of Contract I (delegated to Jeff A.)

Ended 4:05 pm