Weekly Minutes

For Comp 145 - Team 3 nanoManipulator Index

Mar. 21, 2001

Attended by: Jeff Adams, Brian Boyd, Glenn Jessup, and Jeff Townsend At Sitterson 277

Pre-Meeting Discussion - Client Update to Program Web Interface (specifically, the directory index pages)
Decided to do 2 more mock-ups giving 2 different views of client idea
Style 1 - entire directory and subdirectory combined into one main index page
Style 2 - directory and subdirectories have separate index pages with subdirectories listed
Rejected Clients idea of all JPEGs for all projects in one directory being placed on index page
From projected number of images, pages could take hours to load

Began 3:05 pm

Changes of DirList Module?
Adaptions needed to accomodate new user web interface
All SubDirectories listed
listing all directories prevents many issues raised
Giving DirList recursive capability to FrontEnd
FrontEnd now checks subdirectories & has DirList check for VRPN files in directory
Decided Modules are being changed from Modules to Classes / Functions


Last Page of March 21 Weekly Report holds new algorithm design for project

Ended 4:10 pm

Minutes taken by Glenn Jessup