Weekly Minutes

For Comp 145 - Team 3 nanoManipulator Index

Mar. 30, 2001

Attended by: Jeff Adams, Brian Boyd, and Jeff Townsend At Sitterson 277

9:00 am

Set remaining client meeting dates: Mon 4/9 and Wed 4/25 at 9 am in 277

Taylor chose interface prototype with directory name and readme followed by links to sub-directory pages and complete image sets for each stream file.

Pages stored locally so size not a concern.

Client will adjust number of images produced if necessary

Nano program modified to produce thumbnail.

Creates NI subdirectory.

Images are named nnnnn.tif where nnnnn is a time stamp designating point in file (in sec?).

Return code < 0 => error.

Command line: nano –index -i filename 30

Image converter exists on evans and histidine; no need to build and install netpbm.

Taylor provided space in nano directory. Solves problem of storing large test data sets.

9:45 am

Minutes taken by Jeff Townsend