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1/24 minutes

Category: Meeting Minutes
From: Ashes
Date: 1/25/2001
Time: 9:51:19 AM
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Discussed implementation issues. - decided that the coding will be done in C/C++ and Perl. - tools like autoconf/automake will be used to create the final software package which can be downloaded, configured and installed on any Linux system.

Discussed how we will arrive at a particular implementation for the image processing part. Will be looking into the various algorithms/implementations/toolkits already out there and decide what or what collection works best for our images.

Interface ? Do we need to have some user interface for our software ? Something using which we may be able to say, ask for the last 10 days data. This seems like an additional feature, which may be implemented if we have the time (our client did not want it).

Listed down the product features, package options, things we need to learn, and what all goes into the preliminary report.

Last changed: June 17, 2001