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Category: General
From: Alex
Date: 2/5/2001
Time: 9:20:27 PM
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---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: Alexandros Giouzenis <> To: Ashes Ganguly <>, Kevin Berry <>, Ruigang Yang <> Subject: comp145: links and stuff

Ruigang told me that he hadn't receive an older message with links etc, so i've added to it some and i'm resending it. Attached is also a pdf with the tasks...

LINKS ===== Graphics related: This page has a bunch of nice algorithms in C, as well as matlab code The Tina page is at:

For the installation stuff: Autoconf and Automake: What file goes where in a linux system; the File System Hierarchy standard: GNU make and Makefiles Some info about shell scripts Also, check out standard linux/unix man pages about cron, the task scheduler eg, "man cron", "man crontab", "man 5 crontab"

Ummm... Well, Ashes is a real hard-core programmer, so no links about perl etc :) Ok, aside from joking, if anyone needs more info etc, just send me some email

Finally, we will all need to get an account on sourceforge if we are to use their CVS, so everyone must make one at: mail me your account name once you do, so I can add you to the project and give you cvs access. The project's page is at:

If you feel that cvs is an unnecessary burden, we could just ditch it and exchange our code with email etc. The coolness factor might be reduced, but if nobody else considers cvs and version control to be particularly helpful, heck, not much point in using it... Though IMHO it would make things a lot easier, especially for Ashes and Kevin, so they can work with installation and scripting off a proper code tree...

Later all.


Last changed: June 17, 2001