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Article 11

Category: Weekly Report
From: Kevin Berry
Date: 2/8/2001
Time: 2:08:36 AM
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Weekly Team Report #5 Team #6

Action Items: 1. Setup measuring device 2. Look at image algorithms 3. See if Contract I needs revision 4. Get old pictures taken of high and low levels of the creek

Outstanding Problems: 1. Learn C/C++, Perl and/or Tina Lib. 2. Setup measuring device and nighttime system. 3. Contract II due next week

Plans to Address Outstanding Problems: 1. Decide which languages will serve best 2. Talk to client again about best methods for measuring daytime and nighttime depth. 3. Talk to Client about Contract I for possible revision

Hours Worked for Each Team Member 1. This week Ashes Ganguly 5 Alex Giouzenis 5.5 Kevin Berry 5.5 Ruigang Yang 5 2. Totals Ashes Ganguly 13 Alex Giouzenis 15 Kevin Berry 14 Ruigang Yang 14

Milestones 1. Accomplished a) Understand MS Project b) Divided programming tasks between group members c) Completed Contract I 2. Approaching a) Contract II 3. Problems/Slips a) None at this time

Last changed: June 17, 2001