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Steve's reply to contract II

Category: General
From: forwarded from Steve Tell
Date: 2/17/2001
Time: 11:25:38 AM
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I don't have a convenient way to extract anything but unformatted text from an msword docment, but the revised text all looks good.

Were the any significant changes to the figures? If so, please send a pdf or postscript file.

Y'all might want to take a look at this morning's pictures on the web page. The gauging post got bumped around a bit by the force of water or debris from last night's rain. Compare with the same time yesterday

Once the water goes down, I will try to find a way to anchor it more securely. Even if the image-processing could search for and find the post after this sort of disturbance, its calibration would surely be in question.

Also notice how the post is very hard to see in the glare of the sun off the water in

Walking down the street suggests that the water level this morning is about 12 inches below that which would start flooding across Cleland drive at the intersection with Rogerson Rd.


-- Steve Tell

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