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Steve's email

Category: General
From: Steve
Date: 3/1/2001
Time: 8:01:27 PM
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Gentlemen, Just a few "state of the creekcam" notes...

I walked out to the creek today to check on things, and noticed that our striped pole was leaning over quite a bit from vertical. After straightening it out and checking it with a level, I notice that in the camera image, it looks worse than before. From that, I conclude that the camera is probably rotated a few degrees. The camera is a uniform cylinder that has no external indication of where image "up" is. If we want to fix this, I'll need a little help - while I have a little battery-operated monitor, its tough to hold it, hold onto the ladder, and adjust the camera position all at once.

I had a thought that probably needs to get filed under "future improvements:" If the image-processing detects that the pole is out of position, it probably means that the alignment needs to be checked. I suspect that any means of anchoring the pole that a single person can maneuver has the potential of getting knocked out of position during any flood deep enough to be interesting. I do have an idea on using another concrete-filled tire and a side-brace to stabilize the whole thing, however. I fished another old tire out of the creek and bought some more concrete with which to try this.

Along the same lines, it has occured to me to tape or spray-paint some stripes onto the tree just to the left of the manhole. I don't know what the two stripes that are on it already were for, but they've been there for years. If I do this, we could try to run two copies of the daylight module or of the whole warning system, observing the two different daylight markers. Stripes on the tree won't get obscured until the level is significantly above normal (although well below flood-level) but the tree is less likely to wash away.

regards, Steve

-- Steve Tell

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