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Article 20

Category: Weekly Report
From: Kevin Berry
Date: 3/11/2001
Time: 8:31:42 PM
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Weekly Team Report #8 Team #6

Action Items: 1. Finalize setup for measuring device 2. Look at image algorithms 3. Get old pictures taken of high and low levels of the creek 4. Spring break :)

Outstanding Problems: 1. Learn C/C++, Perl and/or Tina Lib. 2. Tie down device better to minimize movement during high water 3. Camera and measuring device moved some during heavy rain and water

Plans to Address Outstanding Problems: 1. Decide which languages will serve best 2. Talk to client again about best methods for measuring daytime and nighttime depth 3. Talk to client about ways to tie down the measuring device better 4. Take a break for the week and come back ready to get things going

Hours Worked for Each Team Member 1. This week Ashes Ganguly 9 Alex Giouzenis 9.5 Kevin Berry 9 Ruigang Yang 10

2. Totals Ashes Ganguly 36 Alex Giouzenis 37 Kevin Berry 36.5 Ruigang Yang 38

Milestones 1. Accomplished a) In-class presentation b) prototype started and demonstrated during class

2. Approaching a) Continuning programming

3. Problems/Slips a) none at this time

Last changed: June 17, 2001