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Meeting Minutes 3/21

Category: Meeting Minutes
From: Ashes Ganguly
Date: 3/26/2001
Time: 12:46:32 PM
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Team 6: Flood Warning System In Attendance: Alex, Kevin, Ruigang, Ashes

Ashes reported that he worked with Steve to get the LEDs up and running in water. And we got mail from Steve saying that the LED pipe fell down and is submerged.

There was discussion on how to prop pipes, sticks, etc. so that they don't move or are not knocked over by flowing creek water.

Our image processing system should take care of small movements of the yardstick, since it will be impossible to keep it fixed. Ruigang and Alex thought it will be possible to search for the yardstick within a region of the image.

A longer plank of black and white stripes is desired. Steve has a long wooden plank - it needs to be painted and fixed in the creek.

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