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Meeting Minutes Week #13

Category: Meeting Minutes
From: Ashes
Date: 5/8/2001
Time: 9:30:23 PM
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Team #6: Flood Warning System Meeting Minutes Week #13

In attendance: Kevin, Alex, Ruigang, Ashes

Ruigang reports that he is converting his matlab prototype to C.

Discussion about how to distinguish between day and night images: histogram analysis - previously mentioned obvious approach a easy modification of the above - sample random points, if enough points are black, it is night. another way to distinguish between night and day - look at the size of the jpg file - there is a huge difference between the sizes of day and night images.

Ashes described how the web interface would look like - html forms will allow users to choose time ranges and plots showing change of water level with time will be generated.

Last changed: June 17, 2001