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Weekly Meeting Minutes Week #14

Category: Meeting Minutes
From: Ashes
Date: 5/8/2001
Time: 9:32:35 PM
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Team #6: Flood Warning System Meeting Minutes Week #14

In attendance: Kevin, Alex, Ruigang, Ashes

Ashes on the web-page generation module: gnuplot is not installed on the department linux machines. The solaris machines have an old version, which does not have support for gif nor png terminal type. Other than that, the perl script to act as a wrapper around the image processing modules is near completion.

Ruigang's night-time image processing module - is complete and giving very good results on test images.

Alex's day-time module - is extremely slow. Everyone suggested Alex to switch to a region-of-interest, but Alex is adamant; for now he wants his algorithm to run on the whole image - might change it later. The results are not very good - it is not detecting the object in some test cases. Ruigang suggests switching to a pattern-matching algo.

Last changed: June 17, 2001