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Meeting minutes week #15

Category: Weekly Report
From: Ashes
Date: 5/8/2001
Time: 9:35:35 PM
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Team #6: Flood Warning System Meeting Minutes Week #15

In attendance: Kevin, Alex, Ruigang, Ashes

Ruigang's coding is complete. The night image processing is working perfectly.

The wrapper perl scripts are also complete. Automatic web-reporting and plot generation are also working. Had to switch to Alex's personal computer to get that to work. All testing till now has been done on that machine. Error bars need to be added to the plots. Allowing user scripts to run when thresholds are crossed - that functionality needs to be added - Ashes overlooked that.

The day-time image-processing algorithm is acting flaky for some images. Alex will be switching to pattern matching.

Final presentation is coming up - discussed our presentation. Kevin will give an overview; Alex will be talking about the day-time module; Ruigang about the night-time; Ashes will show the web-page and dynamic plot generation.

Last changed: June 17, 2001