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Article 32

Category: Weekly Report
From: Kevin Berry
Date: 5/10/2001
Time: 9:44:18 AM
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Weekly Team Report #14 Team #6

•Action Items: 1.Continue coding...along with some testing •Outstanding Problems: 1.Webpage reporting problems - gnuplot: the latest version of gnuplot was not installed on the department solaris machine 2.Daytime detection algorithm was running very slow. Current setup involves running the algorithm on the entire image •Plans to Address Outstanding Problems: 1.Experiment with different ideas to make daytime algorithm run faster 2.Try running algorithm on a different computer with the newest version of gnuplot •Hours Worked for Each Team Member 1.This week: Ashes Ganguly – 17 Alex Giouzenis – 19 Kevin Berry – 15 Ruigang Yang – 17 2. Totals: Ashes Ganguly – 78.5 Alex Giouzenis – 79.5 Kevin Berry – 75.5 Ruigang Yang – 78.5 •Milestones 1.Accomplished a)Algorithm detection analysis 2.Approaching a)More testing and finishing up on the code b)About 3 weeks left until class presentation 3.Problems/Slips a)None at this time

Last changed: June 17, 2001