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Article 33

Category: Weekly Report
From: Kevin Berry
Date: 5/10/2001
Time: 9:44:50 AM
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Weekly Team Report #15 Team #6

Action Items: 1. Finish up some coding and shift emphasis to testing 2. Prepare needed information for class presentation Outstanding Problems: 1. Testing 2. Class presentation Plans to Address Outstanding Problems: 1. Try many different test images to ensure both algorithms work properly for high and low water levels 2. Divide up tasks for class presentation Hours Worked for Each Team Member 1. This week: Ashes Ganguly 15 Alex Giouzenis 17 Kevin Berry 17 Ruigang Yang 16 2. Totals: Ashes Ganguly 93.5 Alex Giouzenis 96.5 Kevin Berry 92.5 Ruigang Yang 96.5 Milestones 1. Accomplished a) Run algorithms on Alex's home linux computer because it has the newest version of gnuplot b) The daytime algorithm a ROI (region of interest) to make it run more efficiently 2. Approaching a) continued testing b) less than1 week until class presentation 3. Problems/Slips a) None at this time

Last changed: June 17, 2001