Comp 145, Team 8 - 2/5/01

         Week number 5

         Action items

o        Closed

         [DIR] Interface sketches

         [ADMIN] Create Listserv for team 8

o        Residual

         [ALL] Finding APL Interpeter

         [CLIENT] Getting the APL architecture definitions

         [ALL] Learning X-Windows windowing (FLTK)

         [ALL] Learning APL

         [ADMIN] Receiving questionnaire

         [ALL] Contract

         [LIB] Binder to store reports, minutes, etc.

o        New

         None, waiting for Dr. Brooks to get back to us on APL Interpreter and to receive the machine definitions. Can?t code anything except learn FLTK.

         Outstanding problems

o        Deciding on which APL Interpreter to be used (APL2000, SharpAPL, or CAPLIB)

o        Getting the contract finalized

         Plans to address outstanding problems

o        Dr. Brooks will choose which APL Interpreter to use

o        Work on it and get Visio2000 Professional to help with diagrams

         Hours worked FOR EACH TEAM MEMBER

o        This week

         [DIR] Cary Hall ? 9.5hrs

         [PROD] John Ehrhardt ? 8hrs

         [LIB] Ed Goode ? 4.5hrs

         [Q&A] Andy Hans ? 5hrs

         [ADMIN] Chris Bailey ? 6hrs

o        Total so far

         [DIR] Cary Hall ? 17.5hrs

         [PROD] John Ehrhardt ? 15hrs

         [LIB] Ed Goode ? 11.5hrs

         [Q&A] Andy Hans ? 12.5hrs

         [ADMIN] Chris Bailey ? 14hrs

         Milestones (schedule status)

o        Accomplished

         Contract I

o        Approaching (next week)

         Contract II

o        Problems/slips and plans to address