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Our software development team is creating a help system for We are using a relational database to organize the help topics which include both text and graphics. The idea is to make a simple help system that keeps the same simple "feel" that other words, the help system will be as easy to use for the middle-manager who will be using as the software that Joe is creating. There will be three ways to access the database: an index which allows the user to manually navigate through the help entries, a search box where the user can write key words, and a web link to relevant help at each page on the site. The database will also have a security feature that only allows administrators to add topics to the help system. Some fantasy-type features that we hope to have include a customizable interface allowing the users in a company of to add their own helpful hints for using the software, a set-up wizard which will walk the user through, and an additional type of help for those curious people who want to learn more about the concepts that are being used when they are easily creating their database using
Our group meets on Wedensdays, at 3:00 in Sitterson 042
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