Comp 145 Team 9 -
Meeting Minutes
January 25, 2001

Attendees:  Kamali Horton, Sungwook Park, Corie Burns, Sandy Hall

Kick-Off Meeting 

Client Meeting - Initial Contact, Schedule - Kamali volunteered to contact
Mr. Colopy and set up the meeting.  We agreed on Monday, Jan. 25 at 5:00pm
if Mr. Colopy can meet us at that time.  Kamali will contact members to
confirm the meeting.

Working Habits, Anomalies and Annoyances - We all agreed that working in
the afternoon and evening time is preferable. 

Administrative Duties Assignment - Since our team has only 4 members, the
duties of the Administrator must be divided up among the other team
members.  Duties were discussed, then assigned as follows:

 Schedule meetings - Kamali will schedule Client meeting and then other
meetings should be routine after that
 Take meeting notes/minutes - This task will be rotated among all team
 Maintain log/diary of events/decisions (w/ LIB) - Corie will be in
charge of this item with contributions from team members
 Record/maintain action items on Project Web (PROD assigns and
monitors) - Sandy will be in charge of this item with help from Corie
Standard Weekly Meeting - Set Time and Place  - We agreed on Wednesdays at
3:00pm in Sitterson 042 for our standard weekly meeting.

Shared Workspace for Files and Website - Corie will check on webspace in
CS department and ATN.  She will put the website initially up in her ATN
space.  Sunwook suggested that shared files be placed in one team member's
account with permissions for others to access.  We will review this as our
filespace needs increase. 

For group communication, Sandy suggested a group worksite at  She will set up a group for team members to join.

Action Items:
Schedule meeting with Colopy - Kamali
Web page - Corie
Group work site - Sandy
Write and send minutes to Corie - Sandy
Nametags - Sandy

Adjourned:  5:35pm.