Comp 145 Team 9 -
Meeting Minutes
January 22, 2001
5:00 pm

Attendees:  Kamali Horton, Sungwook Park, Corie Burns, Sandy Hall, Joe Colopy

10 minutes:  Welcomed Joe Colopy, introduction to group.

15 minutes:  Joe described his "vision" to us for
	 Easy on-line database that middle managers (non-technical people) could use
	 Joe wanted to organize the information in a marketing department
	 Joeism is like other databases such as Microsoft Access, with the additional 
		feature of being able to customize the database to give it the "feel" 
		of whatever business is using it
	Then he went on to tell us about the help system that he wanted us to create for Joeism.
	 Database of help entries with ID numbers connecting entries with similar 
		help ideas, text, graphics, etc.
	 3 ways to access database : manual navigation, link to relevant help from the location
		 on the website where that help is needed, and also a search on keywords
	 Easy to use adminstration tool with simple password feature to add entries to help system
	 Very detailed documentation needed

3 minutes:  Design principles of
	 Joe decided to email us some of his basic design principles
	 In general, he wants things very simple, his website is an example of how he wants things to look

10 minutes:  Discussed Resources
	 Programming to be done in perl
	 Discussed accessing mySQL database, decided to try to access using CS resources instead of him 
		trying to get us logins with the company that manages his webspace
	 Discussed DBI API and CGI for the link between perl and the database
	 Joe will email us the code for version 1.0 of to help us develop a better 
		understanding of what his company is all about (technical view point)
	 With this we discussed legal issues, Joe trusts us not to steal code from him
	 Telnet and FTP access were discussed for his particular version of Linux and mySQL, 
		still using CS resources however
	 Also discussed just using UNIX instead since the majority of us were more familiar with it, 
		no conclusion drawn yet

5 minutes:  Meeting Schedule
	 After discussion about parking problems on campus, decided to meet bi-weekly with Joe on 
		Wednesdays at 4:00 (an hour after our group meeting starts) somewhere off campus
	 Second meeting with Joe will be on Wed, January 31st at 4:00 pm, at Caribou Coffee

Joe left ~5:45 and the group discussed issues pertaining to us

5 minutes:  Next Group Meeting
	 Next group meeting set for Wednesday, January 24, at 3:00 pm in Sitterson 042
	 Corie assigned to call Caribou to reserve the reading room for our meeting on January 31st.

Adjourned  ~5:50