Comp 145 Team 9 -
Meeting Minutes
February 7, 2001
3:00 p.m.

Attendees:  Sungwook Park, Corie Burns, Sandy Hall
	     *Kamali had an interview and could not meet

2 minutes : discussed getting weekly report and minutes on the web on time
	    decided that since Sandy was the producer and emailed the minutes,
		Corie would create a link to Sandy's page where the minutes will be posted

5 minutes : changed meeting for next week with client from Wednesday, February 14, 2001,
	    to Monday, February 12, 2001, so that Joe can sign the contract before class on Tuesday
		***** Sandy to email Joe about the change *****

15 minutes : broke down the schedule further for contract II, discussed milestones
	      Design Phase -
		ER diagram/schema
		Physical tables from diagram
		User interface
		Languages to be used
	      Prototype -
		Assign programming tasks
		Write code for database
		Assemble code fragments for database
		Simplified perl functions
		Simple HTML
10 minutes : discussed user manual vs. implementation manual
      found that for our project, a user manual would be silly unless we get to the fantasy feature of
 a user interface for entering information into the help system
	      decided to talk to Greg Welch about our debate, maybe have two implementation manuals
		due early in the semester, then do a user manual when the implementation manual is
		supposed to be due if/when we get the fantasy feature done
			possibly meet with Greg Welch Friday morning at 10:00 a.m.

3:45 meeting adjourned