Comp 145 Team 9 -
Meeting Minutes
February 14, 2001
3:00 p.m.
Attendees:               Sungwook Park, Corie Burns, Kamali Horton, Sandy Hall
Note:                       Kamali will be out of town from February 27-28.
30 minutes :             Discussed design details for the project.  Corie shared her schema and ER 
Diagram for the database.  Sungwook presented the group with his vision of how the project will be set up (see diagram).  Project assignments were made:  Sandy and Corie will meet on Saturday at 3:00pm to design and work on code for the MySQL database.  Sungwook and Kamali will meet on Thursday at 3:30 to start coding the Perl scripts and HTML pages.  This will be our first simple draft of the prototype.
15 minutes:              Looked over the Design Specificiation requirement and made assignments.  
Sections will be sent to Sandy by Sunday and reviewed on Monday (meeting only if necessary).  
15 minutes:              Discussed the Maintenance Manual and made preliminary outline to send to 
Prof. Welch.
Introduction for Purpose of Document
Overview of Project Layout
Location of files
Changing Links
Database Section
How to Add, Delete and Edit Entries
Explanation of Fields
Describe numbering scheme
Interface Section
Explanation of the functionality of each Perl Script
HTML Structure
4:00pm                    meeting adjourned
Next meeting:          Wednesday, February 21 at 3:00pm
Next Client meeting: Wednesday, March 1 at 5:15pm (team meeting at 4:00pm)
Minutes taken by Sandy