Weekly Report



Action Items

         Closed          Design Specification

         Maintenance Manual dividing each part to each members



         New          Each one should write their part of maintenance manual

         Add entry in the Database. Write fetch module

                   ***SANDY AND CORIE***

           WiWWrite help web page

                   ***SUNGWOOK ***

           WiWWrite search perl script

                   ***Kamali ***


         Outstanding Problems



         Plans to address outstanding Problems          None


         Hours worked

         Corie Burns

         This week :  55 hours

         So far :  25 hours

         Sandy Hall

         This week :  7 hours

         So far :  34.5 hours

         Kamali Horton

         This week : 8

         So far : 27 hours

         Sungwook Park

         This week :  9 hours

         So far :  28 hours



         Accomplished          Design Specification


         Maintenance ManualMaim M          Problems/Slips          None