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  • From: Greg Welch
  • Re: Preliminary Report I
  • Tues, 01.23.2001


I have reviewed your weekly reports, your minutes, your web page, and your Preliminary Report (PR).

Your web page looks nice (complete!) but you should have a separate Library page where I can go to find all of the documents. See my previous instructions and on-line examples. The idea is that the Library page will change weekly, but your home page will remain relatively constant, expect perhaps for a "what's new" link if you like.

Your Preliminary Report looks fine except for a few things.

The report is a little sparse, but I'll accept it. It could have also used some diagrams that illustrate the relationships between user, the interface, etc. A sketch of the user interface would be useful (to you) also. I encourage you to try and sketch these things out. (We will talk about them in class too.)

The biggest problem is that you need to re-think your plans/options to go from simple to complex, not complex to simple (as you have). Setting out to include all features it probably a recipe for failure. Because you are not alone in this thinking, I'll discuss this more in class.

Regarding audio/video conversion tasks, I assume you will look for existing tools to help you with this. There should be some somewhere.

I hope you guys are feeling OK w/ your progress.


Prof. Greg Welch
COMP 145 Instructor, Spring 2001
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